Contact: Annette McHugh 602-670-7124 (President, Tea Party Patriots of Glendale)


Glendale, Arizona.  July 2, 2010.  As the nation celebrates Independence Day this weekend and honors all the great American Patriots who made it possible, the Tea Party Patriots of Glendale proudly announce that we unanimously endorse Pamela Gorman for Congress in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District Republican primary.

“For years, Congressman John Shadegg (R-AZ) has been a steady, conservative voice in Congress and it is important that we choose the most credible conservative to fill this seat,” said Annette McHugh, President of the Glendale Tea Party.  “Because of her unparalleled record in fighting tax increases, promoting the right-to-life, limited government and individual liberty, the Glendale Tea Party unanimously endorses Pamela Gorman for Congress.”

The Tea Party Patriots of Glendale considered all the candidates running in the GOP primary.  They considered the records and positions of each relating to fighting tax hikes, securing our border, opposing amnesty, reducing the size of government and protecting individual liberty.

“We are blessed with some fine candidates, but we considered who walks the walk in fighting for the conservative principles to which we are committed,” said Marcus Huey, member of the Glendale Tea Party.  “None of the candidates have the proven conservative record Gorman does as a member of both the House and Senate and none have put the people first like she did in fighting the largest tax increase in state history.”

According to McHugh, Gorman clearly stood above the crowd on illegal immigration.  Citing Gorman’s cosponsorship of SB 1070, McHugh added “Gorman has been a leader on the issue for years, has been featured on this issue at the National Press Club in Washington and was fighting illegal immigration before it became fashionable,” added McHugh.  “On this and other issues, no one can really match Gorman’s record.”

The Tea Party Patriots of Glendale meet weekly on Wednesdays at Marie Callendar’s restaurant on 51st Avenue and Bell Road.