I could start with all the normal cliches such as "those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it" but instead I will simply let much better words teach us all a lesson.

Jim DeMint of South Carolina, says the Republican Party will be "dead" if it fails to live up to its principles again.

No truer words have been spoken in many years by any politician. And he is dead on right. Years ago there were two basic groups of voters in this country, moderates and conservatives. Liberals have always been around, but they were not nearly as hell bent on the destruction of our way of life, and their rally cries were no where near as far out as today. The normal citizen would not have liked nor would they have allowed the far left mantras we see today. Now, not only do people accept them, they have begun to see "reason" in certain points of the policy.

The republicans were content at being the gophers of the democratic party until people had grown tired of the mess the democrats had given us and until Regan and Goldwater brought a revival to the party. New young faces started to move into positions of power and they brought their own radical agenda to the nation. That agenda was simple yet profound, the people ruled the country, the federal government needed to live within its means, taxation needed to be cut dramatically, and politicians needed to be accountable to the ones who voted them in. This insurgence in constitutional leadership only lasted so long and the party once again became the party barely distinguishable from the democrats.

Things started to change, Clinton was elected to two terms, yet somehow the republicans were, for the most part, able to hold the Congress. But through the Clinton years and then the Bush years, republicans edged closer and closer to the democrats theory of spend more and make the government bigger and it cost us dearly in 2006. We would go on to lose all the power in 2008 and that loss put our country on the edge of disaster. In just two short years we have seen our very way of life and our constitution attacked, pissed on, and shredded from every side to the point it is almost gone.

But the people woke up and we are now seeing a new revival. Conservatives across the country are beating all odds and putting RINOS and Demos on the unemployment line when no one thought it could be done. But the negative side affect is we think all the new supporters have awoken to how dangerous the dems are which is as far from the truth as anything could be. What has happened is most of the voters have grown so weary of politics in general and are tired of what the current class of dems have done to them. But they have not joined the republicans, not yet at least. But they do support us for now but with both eyes open.

Jim DeMint is correct, go back to the old style republican leadership, and we die. People have given our party one more chance to do what is right and to give them back their country and their freedom. But they do not trust us in the least. Screw them again and we will lose them for good along with generations of their family to come. Their are no more second chances, this is it. We have to govern with honesty, integrity, and a strict adherence to the constitution or we will fade into the night never again holding the power we are so close to having right now. People want us to succeed, they want us to fix what is broken, but at the end of the day they would much rather know the people in power plan on screwing us than voting for a party that speaks pretty words while trying to be elected only to act no different than the other group. They would rather vote for a party who is upfront with their intent than a party who has learned how to lie quite well. It is our day, it is a day of reckoning, but it is our last chance to do what is right.

Will we prove DeMint right, or prove we can be better than what we have been. It is up to us, the republican core, to ensure our elected officials know we are in charge and we will hold them accountable. We can not rest on our laurels after November, in fact we must be even more vocal and involved or else we will soon sleep the long sleep and this country will be lost.