Oh man, did you watch that nonsense the Obamanation spewed out last night? Good god, then we both just lost many precious minutes we will never be able to get back. I am sure your head hurt, ears were ringing, and a violent and sudden case of heart burn came upon you as your sat there listening to the nonsense. Well I have the cure…..laughter and a oh boy fun quiz.

The rules to this quiz are simple, you must choose one of the answers provided. At the end of the first round of questions, you will be given a second question then your score will be tallied. Easy? Good!

Lets go…..

Question 1) You have been out on the town, visited a new bar you have never been to, and consumed an extreme amount of alcohol. The alarm in your room goes off and the powerful painful drums start to bang in your head notifying you of your excessive drinking the night before. As you lay there you try to remember what the hell happened the night before and how in the world did you get home. While you lay there thinking you realize you need to pee very badly which is normal considering the amount of alcoholic liquid you drank the night before, so you began to rise to get out of bed. When you try to rise you realize for some odd reason, you have lost all feeling in your right arm yet you are still able to notice a heavy pressure laying on the arm. You tilt your head to the right and you see the following person: Do you………

A) Reach over, grab your cell phone, and dial the suicide hot line telling them you have made a huge mistake and you will never again be able to look at yourself in the mirror?

B) Do you begin the lengthy process of chewing off your arm and hope that the massive pain will pay for the sins you are pretty sure you committed?

C) Reach into the drawer and pull your .45, say a prayer, and then fire the whole clip into the air hoping the beast laying upon you rises in fear and tramples their way out of your bedroom?

Please answer the above question for each picture!

Question 2

A) I am blind so I can not answer either question which really brings into question why I am here anyways

B) Man there are some real hot republican ladies and this is yet one more reason I thank God each day that our women do not look like the ones above and that I am a republican.

OK OK, you caught me, the first question was a trick question. You could have answered with any of them and you would have been correct. The real test came with question two. If you answered A, I am so sorry that you are blind, I also wonder why you are here, and it is a shame you can not see the beautiful women of the republican party who are not only hot, but smart and strong as well. If you are answered B, isn’t that the truth and I am thankful as well.

And for your entertainment, a great video with some funny and appropriate music as well. Enjoy and I hope you got a giggle out of this. If not, lighten up…….