What is the greatest thing that Freedom means to you?

“Everything. Even if you have to learn to risk in freedom. It is the most important thing in life. The possibility of making choices. Giving your children alternatives for them to make choices also. I think that is what freedom is.”

Alena Fernandez (Daughter of Castro who escaped to US)

What a great quote! Freedom is the most important thing in life. It allows each of us to tap into the potential that God has given us: Free will. But with free will and choice comes risk. The chance of failure and the chance of great success. When government takes away risk, they, of necessity, take away choices and freedom.

Castro took away the possibility of failure. Make good choices, work hard and become a doctor; or, make bad choices and don’t work hard and you are a bus boy. In Cuba, they both earn $12 per month.

No risk. No reward.