Here is my problem with Romney. He plans to make us more dependent on government. He claims to be a state’s rights kinda guy. REALLY? He plans to allow the Washington to redistribute money to the states to provide health insurance. Will there be no strings with this money? Washington will have no say? What nonsense. Washington will now decide what will or will not be covered under health insurance and people will lose the ability to choose. This is unacceptable. So I say enough is enough.

Romney claims he will be conservative but we know that is a LIE. We hope it is not, but we must face the truth. Romney opposed Reagan. He opposed the flat tax. He instituted government control of what you could buy or could not for health insurance. He spent 50k of his own money to stop a flat income tax.

Let me be clear: Rubio ran against a “moderate” Republican and democrat. A three man race and won. If I have that choice in this Presidential election, I will vote for the viable conservative option—EVEN if it means that Obama might get re-elected. At this point, if we must go to socialism, I do not want it with an (R) next to it.

Let the moderates figure out where they stand: Do you stand for limited government or allowing the government to control everything?

I’m sure the moderates will say “but we just a little more government in X area” NO! Enough is enough.

Moderates will have to decide whether to stand for socialism or limited governmnent. No more middle ground. No more moving the line just a few more feet in the direction of statism.

I will no longer vote for moderates (if there is any feasible choice) to help them win unless they are moving the country away from government controling our lives. To be clear to our moderate friends: “no additional government intervention in our lives or complete government control” Time to choose. I will let the forces of socialism win quickly rather than slowly with an (R) by their name.