Has the NRA been co-opted by the Left?

In the past year we have witnessed the AARP selling out its membership (presumably for favors yet unknown) to very actively support Obamacare. We have also witnessed the same dynamic with the AMA selling out physicians, and big Pharma selling out its stockholders, both also enlisted as useful idiots promoting the cause of socializing medicine.

In recent weeks we have been discovering that the NRA has likewise been engaging in activities that are, shall we say, “counterintuitive” considering its stated mission and past conduct.

It is by no means fanciful to suppose that after the defeat of “HillaryCare” at the hands of “Harry and Louise” advertising by various trade and professional groups, that in an “after action” analysis and strategy meetings the collectivists concluded that in the next go-round they would need to co-opt such groups.

Knowing what we know now, it is also not particularly fanciful to consider that the Alinskyite “the ends justify the means” administration from Chicago, backed by George Soros’ and Peter Lewis’ billions, may have employed anything from blackmail (perhaps using Hillary’s stash of FBI files collected at the beginning of the Clinton administration, plus whatever they may have access to now that they hold the reins of power), to cash bribes, to the kind of political threats and strong-arming that we was employed against secured creditors so that Obama could confiscate their assets and hand them over to the UAW.Oh, and let us not forget the BP shakedown.

If this is the case with the NRA, we must also be vigilant as to what other groups on “our side” have been co-opted and are selling us out behind closed doors.

Even if this is not occurring, the fact that distrust is being sown amongst us itself would seem to be right out the Alinsky playbook that Barack Hussein Obama has made his life’s work.