Democrats-Progressives are deploying mass immigration and multiculturalism (non-assimilation) as a demographic “weapon of mass deconstruction” against our nation.

Conservatives have been sounding repeated warnings that the so-called comprehensive immigration reform will in fact lead to a permanent Democrat majority, and have been baffled that the GOP establishment doesn’t seem to comprehend what is so obvious.

Whatever it may be, the GOP establishment is not totally blind or totally stupid, so we must assign some rational motive to its push for mass immigration, something more plausible than just big business looking for cheap labor. (After all, would the GOP establishment be inclined to commit political Hara-Kari for that?)

Consider that the GOP establishment will be happy with permanent minority status … sans conservatives.  Sounds crazy?  Perhaps.  But then consider what we’ve seen with Republicans in the Northeast.

After mass immigration and the welfare-state voters it will bring, conservative voters may be neutered as a political consideration, sheer numbers ensuring that no matter how conservatives vote, they won’t influence election outcomes.

For “moderate” / establishment Republicans, this could be seen as a good thing, particularly since the rise of the Tea Party and the increasing prospect of primary challenges.  For such folks, preserving some less-than-majority piece of the pie for themselves is preferable to extinction (we already know that they’re not particularly concerned with the overall good of the country).  So neutralizing conservatives via mass immigration could be, to them, an ideal solution.

Yes the GOP will be rendered an also ran.  But Northeast Republicans have been happy with such an arrangement for, well, decades.  They enjoy a symbiotic relationship with the controlling Democrats-Progressives: winning the occasional office (e.g., by not having to run in a Democrat primary), thereafter becoming eligible for government jobs or contracts or lobbying positions – which their Democrat masters let them participate in as a reward for not making waves and aiding the cause.  “Not making waves and aiding the cause?” you might ask.  Yes!

Such “Republicans” suppress conservatives from gaining any traction within the Party apparatus, from which they might run for office and upset the existing power structure and, for purposes of public perception, they help the Democrats maintain the pretense that there’s a two-party system and that voters have a choice.  So the Democrats-Progressives win and, individually, the establishment Republicans “get theirs” and so win.  Only conservatives and our nation suffer.  But as the British say, as far as the Democrats and their establishment Republicans are concerned: “I’m Alright Jack!”

One can see how such an arrangement would appeal to establishment Republicans in the Beltway.  Marginalize and neutralize those pesky conservatives and Tea Partiers via mass immigration, stopping them from raising a primary challenge or being a factor in the general election, and “retire” to a comfortable minority status serving their Democrat-Progressive masters, in return for government, lobbying or other lucre thrown from the Democrat table to the GOP dogs below.