I’ve heard it on good and unimpeachable authority* that Team Obama was forced to leave most of the original tape allegedly showing “Paul Ryan throwing Granny over a cliff in a wheelchair” on the cutting room floor.

Apparently, as the Paul Ryan ‘look-alike’ made his way back from the edge of the cliff, Axelrod and Plouffe became so engrossed in self-praise and smug superiority for a job well done that the camera was inadvertently left in record mode.

When the slim figure finally approached the gleeful celebration he ripped-off the latex mask. President Obama could hardly light his victory smoke because of the Cheshire grin that reached from ear to ear… Until he noticed that the camera was still recording, erasing all doubt who was responsible for the fraud and deceit. The exchange which immediately followed is not repeatable in civilized society.

Incredibly, that’s not the end of the story…

There was another camera positioned at the foot of the cliff. It was suppose to record Granny’s grim demise, but what that camera actually captured was truly unbelievable.

From out of nowhere, a Blackhawk helicopter appeared and executed a hard banking turn. Its arc of travel taking it dangerously close to the face of the cliff and the falling Granny. A dark-haired young man dressed in casual attire, suspended from a rappelling rope attached to the helicopter, guided by purpose and with focused determination, snatched Granny out of mid-air.

No. That’s not the unbelievable part.

The dark-haired young man and Granny were gently lowered to the ground at the base of the cliff. As they departed the landing zone and passed by the camera operator, Paul Ryan gave him a-wink-and-a-nod. Granny repeatedly slapped him until he was red in the face and then proceeded to unleash the kind of dehumanizing scolding that only a Granny is capable of administering.

Burton just stood there… Dumbfounded, speechless… Unable to utter even a single word.

* – It’s patently obvious to our informed readers that I constructed most of this post from whole cloth. That said, it’s overwhelmingly closer to the truth than the fraud and deceit proffered by Team Obama’s Mediscare ad. Especially considering the fact that, under current law, Obamacare steals $700 Billion from seniors who already rely on Medicare, and the only viable option currently on the table that has even the remotest chance of saving Medicare for future generations is a fundamental part of the House Budget Committee’s 2013 Budget Blueprint, i.e., Paul Ryan’s Path to Prosperity.