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As I write this, I am in Italy watching the only English channel I can get…CNN. I know, after a week of this I am ready to take the bridge. One can only take so much of the socialist America Haters.

Among the threads I have seen across the spectrum of the extreme left wing blogs and media I follow laments the impact that the financial crisis will have on “stopping the destruction of the planet”. They need to all take heart, there is now a new official line of hope that just emerged from the mouth of Dr. Jeffrey Sachs.

In case you do not know who he is…he is the Director of the Millenium Project. Yes, that Millenium Project whose real aims (under the guise of ending poverty) is to subjugate the soverignty of the United States to the United Nations and bring you and I (the great unwashed and unsophisticated bitter clingy ones) under the care of the all great, all omniscient and beneficent intelligentsia such as his ilk. He is also the Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University. He is of course an “International Economist…Educated At Harvard”. In other words an earth firster seriously contending with AlGore for the title of “Big Windbag”.

Sachs was effusive…no ebullient and not dejected at the prospect that the economic crisis might slow progress on “saving the planet”. His reasoning…the crisis means the end of the “free market” in deciding critical issues such as stopping global warming and climate change. So straight from the mouth of a true believer…this is all about ending capitalism in favor of socialism. In his mind, they have won their goals without anymore heavy lifting. Everything will start to fall in line now.

So any of you out there still clinging to your tree…you can no longer claim that this is about “saving the planet”. One of your top Guru’s has had the unfortunate task of breaking it to us all. The real goal is one world government under the likes of Kofi Annan and the imposition of the heavy hand of government on all our lives by the UN and Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Brack Obammmmma (the pronunciation from most effete snobs in Europe). The fact that he will throw Israel under the bus is just gravy.

In general, I must tell you that the far far left wing (their mainstream) are so elated over our troubles they cannot see that they are in worse trouble than we. Western Europe is slowly drowning under the weight of their benevlolent socialist systems for the last several years. Now, the politicians here have a distraction to divert the reality for their own. They are effusive in their delight at the situation. The are quite content to have things be this way…as long as it does not mean any reduction in their 30 day vacations mandated by the government, or what seems like 310 official holidays a year, or any reduction in pensions that average 57% of salary retiring at age 55 or any change in the 7 hour workday.

They are absolutely giddy at the prospect of BHO as President. He speaks their language of victimhood and dependency. He believes in “spreading the wealth” (stealing from the pseudo-rich to give to the pseudo-poor.) I suppose they are also hoping that he will agree to use some of his “Millenium” tax to bail them out of the collapsing pension systems.

I do not know about you but I am more determined to do what I can when I get home to help get John McCain over the hump. The stakes…not only for me but for my son are to great. Do not be dismayed by the lying figure polls made up by the figuring liars. Let’s roll…if for no other reason than to jerk the chain of socialist’s everywhere (or in the case of Obama, some er marxist, er whatever).