(H/T Ace and NRO)

The Stupak amendment looks like it is a sham in helping pro-life Blue Dogs get capital to improve their re-election chances.  John Boehner has drilled Charles Rangel wanting a guarantee that the amendment would hold in conference after the bill’s vote.  This is the lynch pin that Pelosi is using to pass this bill.  Rangel snidely blew Boehner off and then George Miller admits he can’t guarantee it will hold in conference.  I’m staunchly pro-life but this is just gutter politics that the Dems are exhibiting here.  This will get stripped out of the Senate anyway if anything comes of that.  Why vote for an amendment when you know it will just get removed in conference?  This shouldn’t be too hard for the GOP to explain to their constituencies.  This amendment isn’t going to hold but the pro-life Blue Frauds would get their cover here.  Any thoughts are welcome.

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