I WANT NAMES!!! Coburn gets torpedoed by friendly fire

According to the AP, Tom Coburn in an interview has backed off from having the Senate bill read on the floor after being pressured by unnamed GOP colleagues whom would have assisted in having the bill read.  Coburn’s reasoning was that aside from pressure from the GOP to step down was that Americans would have a hard time understanding the Senate bill line by line. 

This has me so angry.  When our “leaders” start to play not to lose, always appear saintly and…nice…so we don’t turn off any voters because it is all about us getting back into power, these stupid “leaders” still haven’t learned the lessons from 2006 and 2008.  You know, when they watered down conservative in the vain in foolish hope of skimming off voters on the left.  We want FIGHTERS WHO WILL NOT LEAVE ANY BULLET LEFT UNUSED IN SUCH AN IMPORTANT FIGHT AS THIS ONE.  We want leaders who will stick by principle, draw a line in the sand, say to the other side “You will not infringe any further on the freedoms of the people that our ancestors bled for.” consequences be (you know what).  The longer this gets delayed, the less likely Obamacare will pass.  Throw every parliamentary procedure and Senate rule at this thing then you, our GOP Senators, will realize just how much and how large a majority of Americans support you and will harden in their support and belief in you.   

I think I have a good idea who these colleagues are.  They probably are some of the Gang of 14 (McCain, Snowe, Collins, Graham, etc.) who want things to remain “civil” (GAG!!!)  and think they know how to play this.  NEWS FLASH!!!  The American people are as smart or smarter than you!!  We follow fighters who stand upon principle and conviction, not Nancy-pants-Depends-diaper wearing political figure heads who wet themselves every moment at the possibility of making the wrong strategic move. 

According to Senator Coburn, there were six colleagues who pressured him to back down.  Call up his office, request the names of these Senators who pressured him so we all can melt their phones, and request that Senator Coburn have the bill read in its entirety for the alloted three times on three different days he is allowed to.  We will be listening and we will pass this on to all we know.  The more the people know about what is in this, the further this bill will sink into oblivion.

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