Election Projection predicts Scott Brown to win on Tuesday.

Election Projection is a liberal poll watcher if memory serves me correctly.  (Update:  It looks like they are not after reading more of their posts.)  They are now predicting Scott Brown to win on Tuesday.  The last statement sums up the disbelief that is starting to permeate in Democrat circles: 

Election Projection has followed suit – who can argue with all the polling data giving Brown a slight to convincing lead – and now projects Brown to win the election on Tuesday.  I repeat, simply because I never dreamed I’d post these words.  Election Projection now projects Republican Scott Brown will win the Massachusetts senate seat formerly held by the late Senator Edward Kennedy in the special election on Tuesday, January 19, 2010.

This looks to be a political earthquake on a scale that I have never seen in my lifetime.  I believe Scott Brown will win the race by 4-10 points.  All the projection models are predicting a solid to convincing win for Scott Brown.  Latest poll from the Merriman Group released today puts Brown up 10.  (H/T Hedgehog Report).


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