Preserve freedom – Paul Ryan for president in 2012

Usually it is too early to make a choice on decisions like this.  We are still over 2 years away from the next presidential election.  Now the consensus potential candidates for the GOP nomination have been out there already.  Romney, Palin, Huckabee have been keeping themselves in the public eye.  Each of these candidates have the strong and weak points.  Another potentially solid candidate, John Thune is another name that has been floated out there.  However, not one has really jumped out at me until the last couple of weeks.  That man is Paul Ryan.

This past week as I wrote a reconciliation primer for everyone’s use to be aware and knowledgeable, I was very impressed by Paul Ryan’s presentation and surgical disassembiling of the ridiculous and criminal structure of Democratic healthcare legislation.   He was very articulate, very knowledgeable, and very well put together.  He also seemed to have an uncanny knack for putting complex issues in simple terms for the people like myself to understand.  While other GOP senators and House congressmen highlighted ideas and some of the main objectives that those ideas were to improve, I was amazed at the depth of substance in Mr. Ryan’s presentation.  He really got out the meat of everything so to say. 

However, what made me realize and say “That’s the guy.  He is the ticket.”  was this article in Fortune magazine that appeared on Thursday.  Mr. Ryan not only talks to talk, but he walks the walk.  He has a tremendous work ethic, is quite frugal (he sleeps on a cot in his office most nights), and his family actually lives a reward-for-performance philosophy.   And then, he has a plan that will get America debt free by mid-century. 

Now this plan and his health care plan have been assailed with a fierce assault by the Democrats.  However, the CBO cannot argue and can only confirm Ryan’s numbers and results of what would happen.  The reason why Democrats have assaulted this to the degree they have is because the plan is right and it is a very dangerous threat to them.  The thing you have to understand with today’s Democratic party is that they are not only socialist but that they want the American people to be always dependent upon government.  The royalty and power of the country should be government politicians and officials, not in the hands of private citizens.  If someone presents ideas that ensures people can be self-reliant and successful, not relying on government officials, explaining it in a way that the American people understand, that threat must be taken out.  Look how Democrats have assailed Ronald Reagan in the past, Sarah Palin in the last presidential election, and now they have trained their crosshairs on Paul Ryan. 

I have believed for some time that the Democratic party would love to plunge this country into economic ruin, creating a sort of Weimar Republic, then claim the Constitution and free-market capitalism doesn’t work.  Then guess what?  A new Constitution and form of government could then be created.  Don’t think it could happen?  Look at what happened to 1920s and 1930s Germany.  Gee, I wonder what new government would be created?  Probably some form of socialist or fascist-married-to-big-corporations government where people are servants to the government and individual freedom truly is non-existent.  Sometimes I think to myself is Barack Obama and the Democratic party really that incompetent or are they really that diabolical?  Don’t these people know that debt truly illustrates the biblical proverb “The borrower is servant to the lender.” ?  How can freedom survive if we are burying ourselves in debt to other countries and reducing ourselves to servitude?

Mr. Ryan has a plan to preserve the foundations that this country was founded on, maintain our freedom, and to stop the economic free fall, stabilize, and increase the prosperity of the economic engine that has been key in making this country what it was and what it could be again. 

Read the article often and pass it along.  I will expound more and discredit at a later time what kind of things the Democrats are saying and are likely to say as the plan becomes more visible to the American people. 

Sign me up Mr. Ryan, I am with you.

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