A House Democrat who votes for the Slaughter solution is a vote for the Senate bill.

The GOP has introduced a resolution and is pressing for a vote that would prevent Nancy Pelosi.  However, this resolution could be well served by the GOP hitting with the airwaves with the above title theme.  This eventually would take the Slaughter solution off the table and reduce Pelosi to having that direct up or down bill she doesn’t want to have.  I don’t think I have heard this line of attack yet.  Much has been made about the unconstitutionality of using this means to “pass” a bill. 

The Democrats are defending using this procedure by saying that it has been done by both parties before and that the Constitution allows for the House and Senate that make up their own rules.  What they neglect to observe, intentional or not, is that though the Constitution allows for the House and Senate to make up their own rules, those rules should not violate Constitution articles and subsequent sections.  Rules are subject to the checks and balances of the Constitution.  If rules that the House and Senate are not subject to the Constitution, then what good is the Constitution for?  The House and Senate would then to be able to run over the Constitution anytime they want. 

Keep blowing up those phones to your congressman and fighting.  The only way Obama and Pelosi can win this one is if we let up.

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