Detonate the pro-life congressmen phones: Stupak about to fall for the useless Executive Order (He and the other pro-lifers won’t get any cover from this)

From the Hill:

I alluded to this many times last night and either he is the dumbest congressmen on the face of the planet or this was a great big charade all along.  This guy is crazy to accept an executive order.  Executive orders have to be enforced by the executive branch, can be rescinded at any time and CANNOT OVERRIDE FEDERAL LAW.  IT IS USELESS IN OVERRIDING THE SENATE LANGUAGE ON ABORTION.  Catholic and pro-life groups have been screaming from the roof-tops to not go along with this executive order ploy and are firmly opposed to this. Nuke the phone lines of the following congressmen.


Lincoln Davis

John Tanner

Bart Stupak

Kathy Dahlkamper

Nick Rahall

Jerry Costello

Dan Lipinski

Marcy Kaptur (YES)

Allan Mollohan

Marion Berry (Bill Clinton is desperately trying to peel him off)

Steve Driehaus

Joe Connelly

Rick Boucher (Almost forgot him!  He hasn’t announced but was a lean no last I checked.)


Earl Pomeroy

Paul Kanjorski

Solomon Ortiz

Mike Michaud

Bill Foster (Doubtful, but still place a call)


Brian Baird

If the Stupak coalition goes down and falls for this, they will be the most ridiculed lot ever in congressional history and be laughed at.  If they hold, they will be regarded as the most courageous people that have been in the halls of Congress in recent memory. Will they be Benedict Arnolds or Nathan Hales?

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