The mask has been ripped off

There will never again be such a thing as a Blue Dog or moderate Democrat.  They are all posers.  Anybody who represents the Democratic Party is now a liberal, pro-choice, socialist, freedom robbing politician.  Anyone who thinks otherwise, just look at what has happened today.  The only way for the Blue Dog and “pro-life” Democratic congressmen to demonstrate their true colors would have been:

  • To insist on pro-life language being inserted into the bill to unequivocally ensure that all federal funding of abortion was banned.
  • To call out the fraud and fiscal insanity in this bill.
  • Above all, to listen to their constituents and heed the majority of Americans who are firmly opposed to the government takeover of healthcare.

However, in what may be on par with the Japanese touting peace before without provocation attacking American forces in Pearl Harbor, the most purely duplicitous, two-faced men and women that I have ever seen in public to this day revealed themselves to be complete frauds.  Blue Dog Democrats who are voting no aren’t doing so because they believe in their vote.  It is all an act, a charade, a very corrupt and bad Shakespearean play to fool Americans to giving up more of their freedoms by electing representatives who have dark motives.  They are the personification of wolves in sheep’s clothing.  They slap a Democratic label and themselves and campaign to be Democrats on a platform of fiscal and social conservatism.

The worst of these corrupt people is Bart Stupak who for days put on a front of being a tortured politician who was getting mercilessly whipped by Democratic leadership on all the major news networks and news blogs.  However, in the end it was he that was desperate for some form of believable cover for his pro-life voting segment and the Catholic bishops.  However, as we see now, Stupak’s Catholic faith is the most pure image of the word hypocrite that any American has ever witnessed.  Bart Stupak today has inherited the legacy on par with Benedict Arnold and worse than Ben Nelson.  A sell-out and a traitor to the convictions that he so long and so strenuously said he stood for.  Any person could see that the executive order tool was a ruse and nothing more than fig leaf political cover that Stupak in the end felt he could fool people into believing that this would eliminate the problems of federal funding of abortion in the Senate bill.  Any pro-life language was going to get nuked by the pro-choice caucus.  If he was the man who claimed he was, he would have held, stood his ground and insisted on nothing less.  This meant even if the health care bill had to be scrapped and had to begin from square one again.  It is such a tragic thing when men miss an opportunity for greatness that stares them square in the face and ultimately miss it.  They miss it because they fail to stick to what they say they stand for and when the big moment comes, they run away and try to hold onto something that is so much smaller than what they could have gained.  Excommunication from the Catholic church is too gentle for Mr. Stupak.  His name shall live in infamy and be a curse word among the people.

So, what’s on tap next?  Well, evidently the reconciliation bill is now bogus as being reported by Drudge and will get scrapped entirely with a fatal point of order.  However, I believe that this was also planned by Democratic leadership to get Obamacare through by fooling green House members in voting for something that would permanently wreck their political careers.

  1. 36 States are in line to sue and not recognize the federal government’s actions by passing this bill via 10th amendment and the Commerce Clause.
  2. The more Americans read what is in this bill, the anger will become rabid.  When they see the cost, the exploding deficits, and to top it all off, the IRS will be responsible for enforcing Obamacare.  When they realize they will be forced to unconstitutionally purchase health insurance….hell hath no fury compared to what we are going to see.
  3. Once union workers see the payoff that their leadership gets in legislation and sees that down the road they will have a 40% excise tax on their Cadillac health plans…hell hath no fury compared to what we are going to see.
  4. The November elections?  I don’t want to speculate but a triple digit gain in the House and the GOP gaining control of the Senate will not surprise me.  The Blue Dog caucus doesn’t realize yet that their only hope was in this bill’s failure.  No one will believe them now because the GOP has their reference poster child, Bart Stupak, as a symbol that a Democrat never can be believed.  Every name that has a (D) by it will be a curse to the people in moderately Democratic to red districts.  No Democrat is safe this November.
  5. David Axelrod said to bring this debate on if the GOP will run with repealing Obamacare.  I do say bring this debate on Mr. Axelrod.  Go ahead and claim that the GOP is taking away people’s healthcare.  The GOP will argue that you are stealing our children’s future and freedom by putting a financial burden on them that cannot be sustained.

The clock is ticking.  This abomination must be undone shortly after Election Night 2012.  We must have a supermajority in the Senate, have control of the House and win back the presidency.  Until then, tie up Obamacare in the court system for years citing 10th amendment and the Commerce clause.  Get an injunction preventing taxes going into effect until this is resolved.  Make this fight as ferocious as possible.

The best thing I can get from all of this is the American people are going to wake up when their pocketbooks get hit, IRS agents contact them, show up at their houses, audits.  But the best part of it all is……


The real battle begins today.

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