The People send a message to McConnell, Cornyn or any other GOP congressmen who doesn’t have the spine to fight

(H/T Hot Air)

Take note of this CBS poll.  CBS polls are not exactly weighted properly.  The samples are usually loaded heavily on the Democratic side.

62% believe it is the GOP’s duty to fight Obamacare.

That includes 41% of Democrats in this sample.

Uh, hello RINO GOP members.  Now isn’t the time to crawl away.  If there are congressmen in blue states who are worried about losing your jobs in November.  You’ll have the GOP, seniors and independents galore to ensure you’ll be re-elected if you keep fighting this thing and in front of the people.

People follow fighters with conviction, not pragmatists whose only worry is their self preservation and who freak at the slightest down tick in their polling.

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