If you can’t repeal it right away, starve it until you can repeal it — The coming budget wars for 2011 and 2012

Another reason why winning the House back in 2010 is so important.  John Boehner (he is going to be one heck of a Speaker) alluded to this yesterday and emphasizes why this fall’s midterm elections are going to be really that important.  A GOP majority in the House would allow for a GOP friendly appropriations panel to defund Obamacare for the next coming fiscal year.  The writers at Hot Air that this is likely just a leverage game to get further revision to Obamacare which the left is already worried about.  I don’t know.  The reasoning is that the Democrats never de-funded the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and didn’t want the political liability that would come with that.  However, defunded our military would have been very unpopular.  Defunding an unpopular health care plan?  That’s an entirely different story. Obama would likely veto the legislation and say that he was doing it in the name of protecting the health of millions of American adults and children.  Give me a break.  The GOP would counter that Barack Obama still refuses to listen to the people and hold onto legislation that Americans didn’t want.  Barack Obama wants to either bankrupt the country or create greater burdens through taxes.  We cannot afford this entitlement and refuse to fund it.  Ah, beautiful.  In the 1995 government shut down debate which did the GOP a lot of harm, factors were much different than they are today.  People are wanting government reduced because fiscal disaster is getting closer and closer.  This will not exactly bolster Barack Obama’s re-election chances.

GOP congressional candidates could run on the theme of “Our first objective is to repeal this legislation.  If we cannot repeal it right away, we will vote to defund the legislation and prevent it from creating a burden on the American people until we can repeal it.  We will not stop in the pursuit of our objective until we can repeal it.  Help us acheive our objective by sending (candidate) to Washingon.”

The White House doesn’t appear to be the image of victors.  Obama is now embarking on his “Damage Control to minimize congressional losses in 2010″ tour.  However, he is pretty unpopular now and isn’t likely to do Democratic congressional incumbents any good.  He knows that a GOP House would have tremendously adverse affects on his presidency and plans.  A GOP House could force further damage upon Obama, Democratic congressmen and Senators by forcing them to take tough votes on GOP sponsored bills that would be popular with the public.  Also, there is an outside shot that the GOP could take back the Senate.  The GOP would need to pick up 10 seats to accomplish this.  Realistically, I see roughly a 7-9 seat pick up.  However, if Tommy Thompson were to challenge Russ Finegold in Wisconsin and Dino Rossi (who just met with the NRSC) would challenge Patti Murray this fall, expect the panic urgency mode to really increase in Democratic circles.

The public relations battle is going to be a huge one from now until November.  Democrats are desperately trying to spin this passage was positive to a majority of Americans who are still dead opposed to the legislation.  What is going to make this even harder is the fact that as more details are revealed about this horrible legislation, it will make it even harder for Democrats in justifying the passage of the bill against the will of the people.  The GOP is also helped in that over 60% still want the GOP to fight Obamacare.  The media has been trying to help by spinning that the prescription drug donut hole has been closed for seniors but conveniently neglect the enormous cuts that have taken place in Medicare that are going to affect other seniors who are far greater in number than those affected by the donut hole.  Walgreens has already said they will no longer honor Medicare coverage starting April 16 and other major drug chains are likely to follow suit in the coming months.  The GOP has already got a phenomenal amount of ammunition for TV ads come this fall.  Corporate groups freed up by the Citizens United vs. FEC Supreme Court decision will likely attack Democratic incumbents this fall as well with TV ads.  They are none to happy about this either.  Caterpillar hitting Henry Cuellar in Texas immediately comes to mind.  Expect ads to be run on:

  • Passage of Obamacare against the will of the people.
  • The horrible things about Obamacare like exempting President Obama, Joe Biden, Democratic congressmen, and Democratic congressional staffers from having to participate in their own bill.  They will be portrayed as phony salespeople who have no confidence in participating in the product they were selling to the people.  They knew the bill was bad.  Nothing like a bad bill to get the country to the point of bankruptcy so that we can make this country more like Europe. There are countless other things in the bill that the GOP will highlight as well.  They are too numerous to mention here.  GOP congressmen are going to have a field day with this stuff in their TV and radio ads, their campaigns, and in their debates.
  • Running ads that start with that famous picture of Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi at the podium with “Honest government, open government” being plastered on the background.  The countless back room deals, bribes with tax-payer dollars, contradictions, etc.  As I said in the previous point, it is too much to mention everything here.  Sometimes pictures are worth more than words and this certainly is the case here.  I found a great website that could remind you :)
  • The huge deficits Obama and congressmen have been running up with other failed bills like cash for clunkers, mortgage bailout program, porkulus, etc.
  • The Democrats using Obamacare to “control the people.”
  • The Democrats believing that the bill is constitutional because of the “Good and Welfare” clause and a couple of others in the Constitution.  Hear that John Conyers?
  • Oh, and using the IRS to oppress fine tax people for not getting health insurance.

Those are just some of the things.  One final thing.  I know a lot of you including myself are white hot with anger about this.  Just focus that anger by getting involved and help throw these bums out with your bodies and your pocketbooks up until and in November.  There have been reports of Democratic Congressmen getting threatened and having their offices vandalized.  Personally, I think this vandalism is a sham.  Democratic activists have been guilty before of trying to frame “right wing extremists” by vandalizing the offices themselves.  Come on, vandalizing offices in liberal New York???  I smell something stinky.  Remember those congressmen walking arm in arm and in single file trying to provoke the protesters on the day the bill was passed.  Those congressmen are so full of themselves it is comical.  Still, focus that anger on the elections.

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