The Democratic frantic effort to blunt the point of the spear — Obamacare repeal

As was pointed out earlier, Barack Obama has begun this damage control tour of trying to sell the American people on Obamacare.  Aren’t you as a salesperson supposed to get somebody’s agreement (that would be the public) to buy (pass Obamacare) before you decide to go ahead and give them the product?  Ramming down someone’s throat never turns out well.  Just food for thought.

I have noticed the MSM trying to going into major spin mode trying to trump up any positives about Obamacare to the public.  The MSM also has been playing up reports of Democratic congressmen coming under mortal threat from enraged American citizens.  Make no mistake my friends, they know what’s coming in November and are trying everything to break the tide that is about to swamp them for the next two elections.

The point of the spear — Obamacare repeal

  • 62% of Americans feel the GOP should continue to fight Obamacare according to CBS.  Something I find amazing for a CBS poll.
  • Even more ominously for Democrats in regards to the mid-term elections, 55% of Americans feel that Obamacare should outright be repealed according to Rasmussen.  59% of independents polled believe it should be repealed as well.  That spells disaster for the mid-term elections for the Democrats.  Aside from already losing seniors, independents don’t think too well of the radical leftist agenda that the Democrats have decided to ram down the people’s throats.

This is a served-up made-to-win election platform for the 2010 and 2012 election cycles for the GOP.  Unfortunately, there are some squishies in the GOP Senate who are STILL afraid of repealing Obamacare and opposing this horrible agenda completely.  They are so afraid of being labeled the party of NO.  You have to wonder if those guys in the Senate can get it through their thick skulls that this is exactly what the public wants.

One final but probably the most important thing that I have begun to see lately.  Two recent polls for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination have come out.  One was done by the Clarus Group who it might be pointed out that the president of that polling organization is Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu’s former chief of staff.  The other would be from PPP which is another Democratic pollster but whose polls are usually reasonable.  They are both saying that Mitt Romney is the clear front runner for the GOP nomination.  Could these be push polls for Romney?  Could very well be.  Now to be fair to Romney, I like the guy.  He has written some very good op-eds on economics in the Wall Street Journal and other publications.  However, he has one big black mark on his political career that the Democrats are probably trying to exploit to help the re-election chances of Barack Obama.  It is Romneycare, the failing government health care solution in Massachusetts that was implemented years back.  Obama needs something to help legitimize the passage of Obamacare and Romneycare would be just the thing to help Barack Obama become re-elected. Therefore, the Democrats likely are seeing Mitt Romney as Barack Obama’s best chance to get re-elected.  Now I’m sure that Romney supporters aren’t liking what I have to say here but I am looking at things from a strategic point of view.  What better way to legitimize Obamacare which is government run healthcare than point out that his opponent has a government run health care program in the state he used to govern?

In summary, the gravest threat to Democratic congressmen and Barack Obama will be the GOP electing a presidential and congressional candidates who stood steadfast in opposition to Obamacare and will campaign on repealing it.  It is that simple.  So long as the platform doesn’t get muddled with Senator John Cornyn wanting to nibble away at it, the GOP is in very good shape for 2010 and 2012.  The Democrats know this and will do anything to try to blunt the point of the spear that is coming toward them and could pierce them with great harm in the 2010 and 2012 elections.  We cannot count on the Supreme Court to bail us out of Obamacare.  It would be sweet if it did but we must assume that they will not.  The only options that are left to the people are electing a GOP majority in the House, a supermajority in the Senate and a GOP president by 2012.  The other option would be the Article 5 convention.  As I have said before, state legislature races are just as important as federal races for the next two elections cycles.  Stay focused on that and watch these Democrats very closely. I know I am.

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