Obama still irked: To try to end-around Supreme Court again with campaign finance reform push

The GOP Senate would be well advised to slow everything down to a crawl until the mid-term elections.  I’m pretty confident they will given how miffed they are in regards to Obamacare.

If there is one thing that has really ruffled Obama and the White House, it is the Citizens United vs. FEC case.  The striking down of the ban on corporations running campaign ads against political candidates has still got Obama all upset.  Of course he isn’t happy becuase this could have a very big influence on the mid-term elections.  The GOP will be greatly helped by corporations running ads against candidates because it takes the financial burden off a GOP candidate. Awww, poor Democratic crybabies.

The White House has now announced an ambitious push to “rein in Wall Street”, closing “loopholes” that were created by the Citizens United case, reforming No Child Left Behind, and Cap and Trade by September???  Am I reading this article right?  (Oh,  I would probably keep my eyes open on immigration as well.)  Obama of course hopes to get a deflection from the Maine sisters, McCain, or Lindsay Graham.  However, McCain is up for re-election and I don’t think the other GOP senators who might be willing to talk are going to be willing to do anything this year.  They are also ticked about Obamacare reconciliation as well.  I have a hard time believing that the GOP is going to move on anything given election campaigns are heating up.  Why deal now when you’re looking at a minimum 7 to maximum 10 seat gain in the Senate come November?  A new Senate with these gains would have much better negotiating leverage.  On top of that, Obama’s approval rating has plunged from his Obamacare dead cat bounce back to reality.  Keep the pressure on the GOP Senators to not accomodate Obama by not giving in on campaign finance reform, immigration, or cap-and-trade.   This probably isn’t necessary but we have to keep watch.

Aside from the Repeal campaign platform, what I really look forward to is watching the White House get into a tizzy when they will have to deal with a GOP House and essentially a split Senate.  Back to work!

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