The liberal, MSM, GOP establishment worst nightmare. Conservative women in the spotlight and coming into power.

Anyone notice a pattern here?  This will be just simply a commentary.

First, Condolezza Rice.  Then Sarah Palin, then Michelle Bachmann.  Now, Nikki Haley.  Whenever a conservative woman has begun to lead, exert strong influence in the GOP or is campaigning for a position of executive power, guess what this equals?  Frenzied, gutter attacks from liberals, the MSM, and even some covert attacks within the GOP establishment really are focused on reducing any prospective GOP woman leader to irrelevancy.

Why is this?  Well, with the Obamacare Waterloo about to be played out this November with the Democrats losing one of their reliable voting pillars (the seniors) for at least this election cycle and quite possibly a few more, they cannot afford to lose another one which is women.  The spin on the coming election nightmare for the Democrats will likely be in regards to how the Democrats lost the independents huge and need to get them back.  Make no mistake.  There is a much deeper issue here.  If Nikki Haley wins and performs admirably which I think is likely, she would be a viable presidential candidate for 2016.  The Democratic party doesn’t want the GOP to lay claim that they put the first woman into the presidency or even the vice presidency.   That was probably the main reason for the horribly venemous attacks on Sarah Palin that we saw play out in 2008 and still continue today.

We saw how certain political operatives in the McCain camp and the GOP establishment treated Palin as well.  The GOP establishment at least for the time being is still (!) completely pragmatic.  They are still stuck on the mistaken belief of muddying up conservatism to skim off votes with independents and from the mushy left by paying attention to small people comprising of focus groups.  They still haven’t learned the lessons from 2006 and 2008.  We want virtuous, courageous public servants with backbones for socially and fiscally responsible, limited government that gets out of the way and lets the free market and the people who comprise it work.  Make a stand on your principles and let the voting fall where it may.

What makes this most tragic is that with the rise of conservative women in the GOP, it also shines the light on how weak the men in the GOP have been for quite awhile now.

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