You have got to be KIDDING ME!! RNC Treasurer accuses RNC leadership of hiding debt

Great job Michael Steele!!  Please tender your resignation ASAP and that means NOW!!

At first thought, I thought I would just “Meh” this type of news but it’s the RNC action of hiring a high priced lawyer with FEC experience that tells me this thing has legs and is far more serious.

(H/T Hot Air)

How serious is the problem?  The RNC quickly retained former FEC chair Michael Toner as their attorney, a high-priced move that Hans von Spakowsky — another former FEC commissioner — called “unusual and significant,” according to the Washington Times.  The fines for failing to report debt on time can run into seven figures and could seriously impact the ability of the GOP to support candidates in the waning days of the midterm elections, if immediately imposed.

Perhaps even more disturbing is what prompted Pullen to double-check the books.  The fundraising numbers have fallen well below goals set by the RNC, but the cash on hand figures kept increasing past expectations.  Supposedly this came from better efficiency in operations and cost-cutting, but last month Pullen got suspicious and rechecked invoices, payment for which had slipped significantly.  Pullen claims that Steele attempted to block his access to the data and that Leavitt locked the invoices in his office; Steele denies that charge.

I sincerely hope Sarah Palin might consider an RNC chair vacancy should it occur.

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