(UPDATED:) Well done Sharron Angle campaign. Reporters desperately trying to trip Angle to help Reid.

UPDATE:  (H/T Hedgehog Report) — Sharron Angle sat down with the Las Vegas Review Journal board of editors to take a wide range of questions.  The clip of the Q&A session is unedited and is over 1 hour long but well worth it.  After watching the interview it just reinforced my belief that she is a very formidable candidate.  Experienced and seasoned in legislative law and current issues, she definitely will give Harry Reid all he can handle.

It looks like Harry Reid has a much more formidable candidate than he bargained for.  Sharron Angle and her campaign staff are running a very disciplined and shrewd campaign.  Politico and the pro-Reid local media in Nevada are hollering about Angle not answering questions about other issues which at a recent event, were outside the scope that was specified by the Angle campaign.  The Politico headline practically sneered “Sharron Angle answers a question.”

I believe there is a strategic battle that the Reid campaign and his liberal reporters in the national and Nevada media are trying.  After spending millions on trying to take out Angle after the GOP primary, the race according to pollsters is still for the most part a toss-up.  I would argue Angle has the upper hand because Reid’s unfavorables are so bad.  Reid knows that this is very, very bad news.  If he cannot take out Angle by Labor Day where she will have significantly reduced the fundraising advantage that Reid has, Angle will likely win when all the voters are really paying attention.    Senator Reid really needs to have a big lead before the Labor Day push begins.  Now reporters are trying to bait Angle into answering questions on other issues in the hopes of best-case scenario of tripping her.  At a minimum, if Angle would answer reporters’ questions about other issues, this would allow Reid to respond by savaging her answers by allowing him to hide behind TV advertisements.   From what I gather, Reid doesn’t want to debate her in a public forum.  That wouldn’t surprise me given Democratic congressmen for the most part not holding any town halls, ducking their constituents, or not getting out in public at all (Robin Carnahan in Missouri for example.)  They are still running after ramming Obamacare down the public’s throat with the public strongly against the legislation. I would love to see some public debates with Angle who is a staunch conservative with true conservative ideas presenting a clear alternative to what Reid has.  She would nuke Harry Reid’s “transparent, honest government” actions and votes as the Senate Majority Leader, particularly since 2006 and Harry Reid probably doesn’t want this to happen in front of millions of TV viewers.

Sharron Angle and her campaign are playing this exactly right and this shows of discipline and shrewdness.  If Harry Reid will not debate her in a public forum, she will debate him on the airwaves and won’t let any reporters goad her into giving them material for Harry Reid to attack her with.  The focus is to fundraise, build her groundgame, and she’ll discuss issues on her terms and in debate with Harry Reid personally, not reporter minions who throw temper tantrums when they don’t get their way.  Well done, Angle campaign.  Sit back and continue to strengthen your campaign and financial position to take Reid out in November.

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