What you can do to take out Harry Reid in November. It begins now

Harry Reid has now gained a 2 point lead, 45-43, according to the latest poll out of Rasmussen that was released today.  I mentioned in my last post that Reid desperately needed to be ahead of Angle by a reasonable cushion by the time Labor Day arrived.  There is no question that the barrage of 24/7 advertising that Reid has engaged in since the middle of June has yielded some expected results.  However, Reid likely had hoped that he would be significantly ahead of Angle at this point with how much money he has already spent.  Hot Air breaks it down and has some very good insight regarding the race:

But 48% of the state’s voters have a Very Unfavorable view of Reid. Forty-one percent (41%) say the same of Angle. Overall, 55% have at least a somewhat unfavorable opinion of Reid and 56% view Angle at least somewhat unfavorably.

Reid appears to be succeeding in making this race as negative as possible.  However, Reid has been burned by playing with this fire, too.  He’s managed to convince 58% of respondents that Angle has “extreme” views rather than mainstream (37%), but in the process has created a problem for himself.  He’s only eight points behind on “extreme,” with 50%, while only 41% consider him mainstream.

That reverses itself, by the way, with independents.  Unaffiliated voters consider Reid extreme by twenty points, 55/35.  With Angle, that’s only a twelve-point split, 52/40.  Angle has more of a  problem within her own party (28/67) than Reid does with his (13/79), but Angle does slightly better with Democrats on the vote question (10%) than Reid does with Republicans (8%).   Meanwhile, the extremism argument has put them both at the same level of favorability, with Angle at 43/56 and Reid at 44/55.

Meanwhile, Reid still has gale-force headwinds on the economy and the Democratic agenda.  Barack Obama’s job approval is only 43/55, while 55% of voters saying that their personal finances are getting worse rather than better (17%) or staying the same (27%).  Assuming the Angle campaign gets onto better footing and starts getting its ads on television, this race can still be won.

Angle has likely been withholding her fire until Labor Day when the big push to the finish line traditionally starts in election cycles.  It takes time to build a ground game and raise funds to take out a very cash flush incumbent like Harry Reid.  She was excellent in her extensive Q&A with the Las Vegas Review Journal board of editors recently.  This race is far from over.  To suggest this race can still be won is an understatement.

I have been observing on other conservative blogs like Hot Air that there is some anxiety of Angle running minimal ads on TV.  Here’s where we come in.  Angle according to her website is having another very good fundraising quarter.  However, it looks evident that she and her campaign feel uncomfortable firing off rounds of TV ads a little over one month prior to Labor Day and risk a financial and fundraising stagnation.  I have a suggestion for all you RedStaters out there.  Why not have an Angle money bomb? If a figure of $1.5-2 million could be raised in a few days, her campaign would feel a lot more comfortable running those TV ads starting now rather than on Labor Day with Harry Reid in front by 5 points or more.  As I stated before, I firmly believe Reid needs a solid lead going into Labor Day.  We could put Harry Reid’s nail in the coffin once and for all by keeping Angle tied or ahead of Reid until Labor Day.  Once Labor Day arrives, people in Nevada and around the country will really start paying attention to the elections. Angle’s ground game, fundraising momentum, and campaign confidence will only gather further steam to the Angle campaign’s delight and Harry Reid’s panic.  Now wouldn’t this be a pretty picture that is worth making a reality?

How about it everyone?

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