Earthquake in the Pacific Northwest. Dino Rossi up by 7 over Patty Murray in just-released SurveyUSA poll

(H/T Hedgehog Report)

This one has got to STING!

The Republics can be practically assured of taking over the Senate if Murray is ousted.  SurveyUSA is normally very accurate in their polling.   It is very interesting the heavy movement that has swung toward the GOP starting about 3-4 weeks ago.  It has really begun to accelerate with the Obama Ground Zero Mosque debacle and another 500,000+ people added to the unemployment rolls. Obamacare, Cap and Trade, huge deficits, unemployment skyrocketing, Ground Zero Mosque, I can go on and on.

How low can the Democrats go after the elections?  Linda McMahon is within 7 of Richard Blumenthal in a race that is freakishly looking like how the Scott Brown-Martha Coakley race in Massachusetts turned out.  On top of that, in West Virginia, Joe Manchin has some problems with federal investigators and I wouldn’t be surprised to see John Raese really make a race of this one and make Manchin sweat.

Chris Matthews, my leg is tingling.

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