(Updated) Project 143 — Targeted House races and the GOP candidates w/websites

Updated:  Thanks to IJB for the input.  Putting two seats, CA-51 and WA-9 in as well.  They are doable but the climb looks to be higher for those candidates.  Still, they shouldn’t be overlooked.

(H/T Ace of Spades HQ) Here is a great interactive website by 40seats.com where they highlight 80-90 Democratic House incumbents.  Check it out!

Note:  I having used USElections to get the GOP candidate information where I can.  Some states and races still have the GOP primaries as undecided and I don’t know if that’s because they are still undecided or the website needs to update. Your help would be greatly appreciated if you could note other primaries I have listed as “To be determined” that have been settled and provide the GOP candidate’s website.

One thing I have seen as I have been going through these races is that I have seen a lot of “Constitutional, Libertarian, Tea Party, or Independent” candidates in many, many Democratic congressional seats where the incumbent is up for election.  It looks from observation that the Democrats are going all out with a split the vote, divide and conquer strategy to minimize their losses and save as many incumbents as they can.  Ad money usually matters but with the American people so incensed at President Obama and the Democratic majority Congress, they are resorting to any tricks necessary.  All candidates listed are GOP candidates who won their primary.

I should note a wonderful post by dhorowitz3 that I saw earlier with some polling on congressional races.  Also, Rasmussen today shows the GOP to be up +12 in the generic congressional and CNN in a poll of adults even more alarminly to Democrats shows the GOP +7 with independents swinging 62-30 for the GOP.  Yikes!

There are 137 Democratic House seats targeted for gain based on the partisan breakdown of each district.  There are 6 GOP seats targeted for holding.  What is likely to happen is the RNC and the NRCC will pour money into the 70 races they think will be competitive.  The other candidates in other districts will have to fend for themselves from donations from their local district and from voters abroad.  Below is listed all the GOP candidates in their congressional district with links to their websites so you know where to contribute.

On to November!!

Alabama: 2nd — Martha Roby

Arizona:  1st Paul Gosar, 5th David Schweikert, and 8th Jesse Kelly.  The 7th is a secondary target (Ruth McClung).  D+6 district.

Arkansas:  1st Rick Crawford, 2nd Tim Griffin, and 4th Beth Ann Rankin.

California:  11th David Harmer, 18th Mike Berryhill, 20th Andy Vidak, 47th Van Tran, and 51st (Secondary Target — Duke Cunningham’s old seat.  Rated as D+8)  Nick Popaditch

Colorado:  3rd Scott Tipton, 4th Cory Gardner, and 7th Ryan Frazier.

Connecticut:  2nd Janet Peckinpaugh, 4th Dan Debicella, and 5th Sam Caliguri

Delaware:  At Large (Primary is currently undecided)

Florida:  2nd Steve Southerland, 8th Daniel Webster , 22nd Allen West, 24th Sandy Adams, and 25th (GOP must hold, still getting information).
Georgia:  2nd Mike Keown, 8th Austin Scott and 12th Ray McKinney

Hawaii:  1st (GOP Hold)  Charles Djou — Djou looks to hold this seat but chances cannot be taken.

Idaho:  1st Raul Labrador

Illinois:  8th Joe Walsh, 10th (Mark Kirk’s vacated seat) Bob Dold, 11th Adam Kinzinger, 12th Teri Davis Newman, 14th Randy Hultgren, 17th Bobby Schilling.

Indiana:  1st Mark Leyva, 2nd Jackie Walorski, 8th Larry Bucshon and 9th Todd Young.

Iowa: 3rd Brad Zaun

Kansas:  3rd Kevin Yoder.

Kentucky:  3rd Todd Lolly and 6th Andy Barr

Louisiana:  2nd Joseph Cao (The website had a link to William Jefferson’s website instead of Cao’s.  Oops) (GOP Hold) 3rd (Primary is undecided)

Maine:  1st Dean Scontras and 2nd Jason Levesque.

Maryland:  1st, 2nd, and 3rd  Maryland GOP primaries are still undecided.  Will update when information becomes available.

Massachusetts:  2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, and 10th   GOP primaries are still undecided here as well.

Michigan:  1st Dan Benishek, 7th Tim Walberg, 9th Andrew “Rocky” Raczkowski

Minnesota:  1st Randy Demmer, 3rd (GOP needs to hold — Eric Paulsen), 7th (TBD).

Mississippi:  1st Alan Nunnelee, 4th Steve Palazzo

Missouri:  3rd Ed Martin, 4th Vicky Hartzler

Nevada: 3rd Joe Heck

New Hampshire: 1st and 2nd (TBD)

New Jersey: 3rd Jon Runyan, 12th Scott Sipprelle and 13th Henrietta Dwyer.

New Mexico — 1st Jon Barela and 2nd Steve Pearce

New York:  1st, 2nd, 4th, 9th, 13th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 27th, 29th.  Looks like these all still have to be determined.  Will update.

North Carolina:  2nd Renee Ellmers, 7th Ilario Pantano, 8th Harold Johnson, 11th Jeff Miller, and 13th Bill Randall.

North Dakota: At large Rick Berg

Ohio:  1st Steve Chabot, 6th Bill Johnson, 9th Rich Lott, 10th Peter Corrigan, 12th (GOP hold — Pete Tiberi), 13th Tom Ganley, 15th Steve Stivers 16th Jim Renacci, and 18th Bob Gibbs.

Oklahoma: 2nd Charles Thompson

Oregon:  4th Art Robinson and 5th Scott Bruun

Pennsylvania: 3rd Mike Kelly, 4th Keith Rothfus, 7th Pat Meehan, 8th Mike Fitzpatrick, 10th Tom Marino, 11th Lou Barletta, 12th Tim Burns, and 17th Dave Argall.

Rhode Island:  2nd (TBD)

South Carolina:  5th Mike Mulvaney

South Dakota: At large Kristi Noem

Tennessee:  4th Scott DesJarlais, 5th David Hall, 6th Diane Black, and 8th Stephen Fincher

Texas: 15th (TBD), 17th Bill Flores, 20th Clayton Trotter, 23rd Francisco “Quico” Canseco, 25th Donna Campbell, 27th R. Blake Farenthold, 28th Bryan Underwood, 29th Roy Morales.

Utah: 2nd Morgan Philpot

Virginia: 2nd Scott Rigell, 5th Robert Hurt, 9th Morgan Griffith, and 11th Keith Fimian.

Washington:  2nd John Koster, 3rd Jamie Herrera, 6th Doug Cloud, 8th (GOP hold – Dave Reichert), and 9th Dick Muri

West Virginia:  1st David McKinley, 3rd Elliot “Spike” Maynard

Wisconsin:  3rd, 7th, and 8th.  All to be determined.

Lets make it happen!!

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