1994 Explanation Redux: The MSM begins to make excuses for impending butt-kicking of Democrats in November: “Democrats didn’t vote!”

Oh no.  We cannot afford to have the narrative be “The American people reject liberalism, socialism/Marxism, big government spending Democrats like President Obama.”  We will spin it as “Democrats didn’t vote!”

What a load of….well, I have to keep it clean.  We saw the same exact thing in 1994 though it happened after the election because the Democrats didn’t see it coming.  This time they do see it coming and they are starting to make the excuses like here at MSNBC and on a morning show (I believe it was CBS or NBC) which said the person cited that “people who aren’t going to be voting in November approve of the job the president is doing with 75%.”

This is only the beginning folks.  When the butt-kicking takes place, next watch for the media to coo and with big, teary eyes ask John Boehner and Mitch McConnell “Are you going to work with President Obama?” just as they did with Bill Clinton.  They of course will want the GOP congress to help save Obama’s presidency.

The response I hope to see from Boehner and McConnell is “We have a lot of work to do and getting this country on the right track.” and leave it at that.  Then two issues to immediately work on.  One, repeal Obamacare and keep sending it to his desk so he will veto it and show how he continues to ignore the will of the majority of Americans in the country.  Then work on the economy with cutting spending and getting our budgets under control and make the Bush tax cuts permanent.

Yeah, that’s the ticket :)

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