Hey GOP establishment, can you hear us now? The People determine the candidates, not YOU.

Lisa Murkowski, Bob Bennett, Mike Castle.  Sure the GOP establishment liked Jane Norton and she is a class act for fully supporting Ken Buck.  However, it is apparent that Sarah Palin, Jim DeMint, Michelle Bachmann, and the powerful Tea Party organization have wrested control from the GOP establishment.

Though I have problems with Christine O’Donnell’s past, I like what she stands for and congratulate her for a tremendous victory.  There is no such thing as a perfect candidate.  I just hope she serves the people well if she gets elected and doesn’t let her political office go to her head.   Rush Limbaugh’s belief that conservatism always wins will be really put to the test in Delaware and if we get behind Christine O’Donnell and our other list of GOP candidates, pound the pavement and doors, November 2nd could be a night to remember.

In a pure fit of bitterness and sour grapes, the NRSC has come out and stated that they will not support Christine O’Donnell.  Fine, we don’t need you anyways.  We can do your job better than you can John Cornyn and you can bet on getting a primary challenger when you are up for re-election with this latest action.  These arrogant blowhards at the NRSC still don’t get it.

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