He’s the man: If the first day in the race is any indication, Rick Perry will win the nomination

New Hampshire doesn’t look like it’s in the bag for Romney any longer:

“I feel right at home amongst people whose motto is ‘Live free or die,’ ” Perry told more than 100 Granite State voters last night in N.H. Deputy House Speaker Pam Tucker’s back yard in Greenland.

“I intend to compete for every vote in every state. This isn’t a strategy just to go work in a few places. We’re going to go all across the country,” Perry said as he stood with his wife, Anita and their son, Griffin, and daughter Sydney.

Perry is expected to garner the most support in socially conservative states like South Carolina and Iowa, but his job-creation story is already catching the attention of Granite State voters.

“We have too many people who are out of work. We need someone who has a track record of creating jobs,” said N.H. state Rep. Jon Richardson (R-Allenstown), who is still deciding between Perry and Romney.

Romney is highlighting his experience in venture capitalism as practical experience in creating jobs which is the main issue of this election.

“Herman Cain and I are the guys who have experience in the private sector. That’s what distinguishes me from some of the other candidates,” Romney said.

Kind of weak.  Sure, it can be beneficial to have real world experience but when you’re running against a candidate whose state has created an economical climate such that 40% of the country’s jobs have been created since 2009, that is very hard to compete against.

So, what kind of guy is he with the every day American and some concerns that people have read about Perry?  Read here.  One particular thing caught my eye in the article:

Carol MacKenzie, a Manchester voter who received a Perry robocall Saturday, said she was impressed with him.

“He says what he thinks. He’s not ashamed to talk about his social views…people have beliefs, they shouldn’t be ashamed or trying to hide them,” she said.

MacKenzie said she’d voted for Mitt Romney in 2007, but didn’t plan to do it again.

“I just don’t think he has the courage of his convictions — I think he changes his mind,” she said. “I like Mitt Romney, I think he’s a good man. But I think he changes his ideas based on which way the wind blows.”


The rise of conservative politicians who are not going to yield anymore to having their convictions bought off is really gaining steam.  People are realizing that if we don’t start confronting the issues that imperil our nation, our nation will be lost.  That means electing public servants whom talk about and ACT on making the hard decisions necessary to get our country back on track.
It has been interesting to see the left and the MSM’s reaction.  Clearly, they are going to try to take out Perry before he can get going.  When Chris Matthews and Paul Begala start pushing Romney on MSNBC, that should tell you something.  When 6% of ballots over at Daily Kos say they would like to face Rick Perry in a head-to-head contest in the race for the 2012 nod for president because he is the greatest threat to big government since Ronald Reagan, that should tell you something.  When one candidate can undoubtedly unite the GOP, is an incredible fundraiser and campaigner, who is an unashamed conservative, that should tell you something.  When Perry trounces Romney in a fairly recent poll of GOP voters, that should tell you something.

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