Debate Recap: The Perry pile-on

Anyone have any doubts whom the clear frontrunner for the nomination is now.  Rick Perry had a great big bulls-eye targeted on him tonight and every candidate had him in the crosshairs, including non-candidates. A short summation:

Michelle Bachmann was actually very good tonight, much more forceful.  The problem is that her campaign is fading badly.  Rick Perry’s entry into the race completely nuked her chances.  Her, Rick Santorum and later Sarah Palin’s tag team on the Gardisil issue created some good attack optics that may be good for the short-term.  The problem is that Rick Perry has already admitted his mistake and dropped the issue.  It is funny how it is neglected to be mentioned that there was an opt-out provision in this legislative bill should it have passed.  It is the classic “Making a mountain out of a mole hill” attack.  Sarah Palin’s follow up to Michelle Bachmann’s attack was particularly pathetic.  Though Perry’s response that he could be bought off for so little was insulting could be taken the wrong way, to accuse someone of being a crony capitalist because a company that stood to gain the most from passage of the legislation paid a whopping $5000 contribution to persuade Governor Perry to sign the legislation is quite weak indeed.  I wonder if Sarah Palin knew about this before endorsing Perry for Governor in the last election.

Perry’s rebuttal of Mitt Romney’s Social Security attack was excellent.  His use of Romney’s book against him was particularly effective.  However, the biggest and most unpleasant surprise was Perry’s stand on immigration.  Providing in-state tuition rates for illegal immigrants is endorsing lawlessness, plain and simple.  It also undercuts of those who have honestly and forthrightly followed the legal path to become an American citizen.   Granted, it takes years to become a citizen of this country.  The road is hard and long but it does test the commitment, resolve and character of the prospective citizen to ensure that they will be law-abiding citizens of our great nation.   If they cannot abide by the laws of becoming a citizen, it stands to reason they are likely not to follow the laws of our country.  This could be a shrewd political move by Perry to get some Hispanic votes in his corner.   I’m still in Perry’s corner, but I do disagree strongly with him on this issue.

Mitt was Mitt.  Very polished, very steady.  Problem is that I just don’t believe the man is genuine and have no idea where his true convictions lie.  Newt Gingrich has performed very, very well in the debates.  The others?  I don’t have an opinion because they are irrelevant now.  Michelle Bachmann is fast approaching this point.  I don’t see how she claws her way back.

This race is still Rick Perry’s to lose.

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