It’s now down to Gingrich or Perry

I just didn’t know about Herman Cain though I really liked him a lot.  No matter how slimy and anything but solid journalism by Politico, the way Herman Cain and his campaign reacted to this crisis was downright awful.

There was one thing that I learned about Herman Cain from this whole thing, he doesn’t handle a crisis well at all.  If he cannot handle a crisis of this magnitude, what makes one think he can handle a crisis of a much larger magnitude as President?

This is a very, very important skill for a president to have.  Gingrich has handled his “right-wing social engineering” crisis well.  Perry has handled his “heartless” foot in the mouth soundly as well.  I would have been happy to vote for Cain had he handled this “scandal” well and weathered the storm to the nomination.  Heck, I’ve given him plenty of the benefit of the doubt with his other gaffes he has had in interviews.  This pretty much settled the question in my mind if Cain is up to the task of leading our nation.  One thing I have never understood.  Why has Cain and his campaign been so toxic toward Perry which goes back before this scandal broke?  I don’t understand this.  Perry never has said a bad word about Cain at least to my knowledge.  Didn’t Curt Anderson work for Romney in the past well?

Though Cain is still leading in the polling nationally, one cannot help but notice that Gingrich keeps creeping upwards.  Check out the latest from Rasmussen.  He’s in the mid-teens and a solid third place.  We all know of Gingrich’s personal baggage he has had in the past but he has tried to right himself sincerely by observation and statements he has made publicly.  Barring Newt’s personal baggage and his couch moment with Nancy Pelosi on global warming, he is a fantastic candidate.  Very knowledgeable on all topics and subjects important to qualifying someone to be president, articulate, excellent debater and speaker, former congressman and Speaker of the House.

The other choice obviously is Rick Perry.  His only drawback is his ineffectiveness as a debater.  The immigration issue and Gardisil are only distraction issues that he has addressed and explained.  He doesn’t have any personal baggage, is a three-term governor with plenty of executive experience, and is for the most part is a solid conservative.  The one thing that strikes me about Perry is his unabashed consistency in holding fast to what he stands for.  You know where you stand with Perry.  The same can be said about Gingrich for the most part as well.

In closing,  Mitt Romney is praying that Cain stays in the race, heck he is praying that the conservative bloc doesn’t unite around and choose a candidate prior to the Iowa caucuses in January.  The more the conservative candidates, the better his chances.  It is a timing issue with Iowa.  If Cain can hold enough of his standing in Iowa to fragment the vote between Perry and Gingrich, Romney could sneak out a win in Iowa.

Right now, my money is on Perry winning Iowa if Cain falls as expected because of the lack of personal baggage that Gingrich has and his experience with agricultural issues.  The one real wild card here is where the Cain voters will go as Erick alluded to earlier.  It may come down to if the Cain voters believe or don’t believe that the Perry campaign was in the shadows leaking the Cain scandal to Politico.

We must choose and unite behind our candidate by early December.  Will it be Perry or Gingrich?

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