Eric Holder taps out, Elijah Cummings hollers, conclusion: Darrell Issa has the Attorney General cornered?

Sure seems like it.

A contempt vote is the worse thing that could happen to Eric Holder right now as the MSM is finally starting to have to acknowledge the House investigation into Fast and Furious.   This is likely exacerbating the Obama Administration’s anxieties about Obama’s collapsing poll numbers.  Still, Holder is looking for a way out of this and the only one that can give him that way out is Darrell Issa:

In response to Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa’s letter Wednesday — in which, in a nutshell, Issa wrote that he would also like to avoid contempt proceedings and would be willing to meet with Attorney General Eric Holder if and when Holder would actually produce some of the documents required by last year’s Congressional subpoena instead of just more useless blather — Eric Holder has requested a specific meeting-time with Chairman Issa.

The key passage in Holder’s letter:  “The Department’s willingness to provide these materials is a serious, good faith effort to bring this matter to an amicable resolution.”

Gee, still no documents produced after more than a year and the Attorney General believes the Department of Justice is acting in good faith?  I apologize for making you spew your coffee at your computer screen because you couldn’t control your laughter.

Elijah Cummings is now hollering about a political witch hunt by the GOP.  This could have all ended some time ago had Holder fully disclosed all the documents requested in Issa’s subpoena.  The only conclusion one can come to is there must be some stuff in those documents that is very damaging from a criminal standpoint.  The more vocal the other side becomes, the closer Issa is to the ugly truth.

I sure hope Issa doesn’t let Holder off the hook.  If Fast and Furious becomes the front headline of news organizations and the rest of the unknowing public becomes informed, it is possible that this could put the final nail in the coffin of Obama’s re-election chances.  Simple insistence on full compliance with the Committee’s subpoena or face a contempt vote that House Democrats certainly don’t want to take either.  I am starting to have to wonder the crazy thought if Holder is shopping for full immunity.


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