Newsflash to Harry Reid, the Democratic Party, the press, and political punditry: Mitt Romney already released his tax returns.

So what if it is only for the previous two years?  In case the Democratic Party has forgotten that he did release his tax returns, look here and here.   Of course, there wasn’t anything good in there they could use with Romney’s generous giving to charity.  So they are whining and putting on massive faux pressure via the mainstream media and Democratic party hacks to try to get Romney to cave and release more tax returns to them to give them something to attack Romney with.  They so need to fire up their base by showing them how much of a rich, insensitive prick Mitt Romney they think he is.    The only way they can hope to get Romney to cave to them is to create the perception that Romney not releasing his tax returns means he has something to hide and these attacks are causing Romney and the GOP damage.   Want proof?  Take a look at this CNN article and it’s headline “Reid puts GOP in a bind over Romney’s taxes”.  I know, it’s hard not to laugh at that headline.  These attacks and demands are about as effective as a Ben Nelson health care speech to the people of Nebraska.  They aren’t having any effect on Romney’s polling at all.

What is more surprising, and sadly hilarious is there have been some GOP pundits, congressmen, and even some conservative bloggers who are getting all anxious stating that Romney should release more of his tax returns.  I won’t name names here but they know who they are.  You can find them just by typing “Romney releases tax returns” in a web search.  This is standard GOP establishment behavior we have come to know and loath through the years.  They are starting to feel the weight of their Depends in their pants because they wet themselves whenever an attack is made, fearing that the race could turn.  It’s amazing that with Romney so far running a stellar campaign, they start to whimper, ring their hands, and become so worrisome because they might miss on an opportunity to gain more political power.  To those perennial GOP establishment losers who helped get this country in such a mess over the last decade, I leave you with a famous quote from the show Scrubs:

“I’m gonna go ahead and write you a prescription for two testicles; and you feel free to get this filled out whenever you want”

The more this race has gone along, the more I am liking Mitt Romney.  His polite, yet firm rejection of the Democratic Party and press crony demands is an indicator of a good, no-nonsense attitude that Romney is going to treat these people with.  Hopefully this attitude can rub off on the weak-kneed in the GOP party and persuade them to rip off their Depends once and for all.

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