The real fear of the Democratic Party in the Medicare debate

“They were not communists, they were Christians; and the difference between a communist and a Christian is this — a communist says, “All yours is mine;” while a Christian says, “All mine is yours;” and that is a very different thing.  The one is for getting and the other is for giving.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon from a sermon titled “Additions To The Church”, preached in the 19th century.

I started pondering this recently as the fight over reforming our entitlement programs and the economic direction our country will take after the votes are counted in November.  You may wonder why the above referenced text has anything to do with the title of this post.  It has some simple yet profound insights on what the Democratic Party stands for today.  We all know that in order to fund all these programs and policing departments in the name of “social justice”, a higher tax burden is required of the American people.  The ages old attacks on the rich are simply to shield from a basic economic truth as well as embitter and ensnare a person to join the Democratic Party.  If the rich were taxed for all their earnings, it would be but a drop in the massive bucket that the centralized government bureaucracy needs to function.  Therefore, higher taxes on everyone from rich to poor is required.  The only way to fund these all is to tax the masses, not just the rich.

Give The People A Choice:  Force the Government to Compete with The Free Market. When The People Realize They Can Rely on Themselves, To Make Their Own Decisions, and How Much Better Their Countrymen that create the Free Market Can Meet Their Needs Than Government Can,  The Need For Government Becomes Less

Here is the crux of why Democrats fear the ideas that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are putting out there.  Though people 55 or over retain their Medicare plans, those under 55 are given a choice, you can choose a health care plan that the free market gives or you can choose Medicare.  Medicare just cannot be ripped out and eliminated right off the bat because the Baby Boomer generation has built their health care and retirement planning around Medicare since it was enacted.  The approach of Romney and Ryan is absolutely correct.  This has to be done over a period of time.  But, when you give Generation X and the following generations a choice to choose free market solutions or a medical program the government provides, Democrats have to fear that people will become less dependent on government to come up with solutions for them in industries that the government has no business being involved in.

Medicare should have to compete with the free market. Democrats don’t want any part of government programs competing with free market programs.  The competitor to Medicare is long-term care plans that are offered in the free market.  Give the people the choice of contributing a portion of their taxes to Medicare or contributing a portion of their earnings to a long-term care plan. Why do you think the Democrats don’t want (I should say didn’t want when George W. Bush proposed this back in 2005) to allow people the choice of choosing between Social Security and private sector investment firms? Bottom line, the free market can offer vastly better services and products than what the government can.  It also makes it much harder for politicians to raid funds to create programs to help keep them elected to office.  The best illustrations are what Obamacare did to Medicare as well as how politicians have raided Social Security in the past.

Getting back to Medicare, the private sector is much more effective in their processes, underwriting, the care they provide, and minimizing fraud by more thorough investigation, I would bet they would be less expensive than Medicare.  On top of that, more competition means lesser prices.  It’s then easy to see why Democrats don’t like to talk about allowing health care companies to trade across state lines.  More competition means lesser prices, better service, and accountability to the people they are serving.  Lesser prices mean people buy from the free market and have no need for government to be involved by offering or mandating a purchase of a product.  In summary, more competition means dependency on government and politicians in Washington is significantly reduced and could ultimately, be eliminated.  The shortest route to government taking over private industry sectors is to create regulations through legislation that makes the products/services the free market provides too expensive.  When they become too expensive, the people throw up their arms in the air and run to the government to do something about it.  Cap and Trade and Obamacare were created to accomplish this.  The Democratic Party of today is only too willing to try to wrest away industries from free market businesses that created the successful industry.  Coincidental?  I think not. We The People and the generations before us built this American economy.  Government did not Mr. President (Hopefully for not much longer).

Our Country is in a Sad Place when the Majority of The People Believe That They Can Trust Politicians in Washington More Than They Trust Each Other and Their Countrymen That Make Up the Free Market

I’ve talked about this before.  This country needs to believe again in each other and their ability to work through and solve the nation’s problems.  Washington has proven itself to be a miserable steward of our country’s finances as well as a problem solver.  The solution to our country’s problems is the will to embrace hard work, discipline, being generous, being responsible for the choices we as individuals make, and honoring one another, independent of government.  This is the sure way to success for America to ensure the inheritance of freedom for our children,  It is my hope that the nation tells Washington in November to let the people and the free market work things out by creating the climate to make it happen. In summary, the solution is in us, We The People.  That only can happen by electing the Romney/Ryan ticket into office and conservative congressmen and in the future.

The American People Must Believe That They Can Provide For Themselves and Solve Our Nations Problem More Than The Government Composed of Politicians in Washington Think The People are Incapable of Doing.  

In closing, I will say I tried to do my best to put my thoughts down in writing on the enormous problem that has stagnated and is holding our country back.  It is tough putting all this together in a coherent and flowing manner without going off on tangents.  The size of this I have to admit seems too big to make a stab at this.  I am sure more could have been added but I hope what has been written is sufficient.

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