My fondest wish: Ted Cruz comes out and announces he will filabuster the Gang of 8 Senate immigration bill

If you thought McCain and Graham has a hissy fit about Cruz blocking gun control, their reactions to this would be nuclear

All the reason more to do it.  It amazes me sometimes how these politicians in Washington think we’re not watching them because of all the scandals created by the Obama administration.  Quite frankly, John McCain and the other establishment Senators (note, I didn’t identify political party) have been getting their butts kicked by this young whippersnapper from Texas and they don’t like it.  McCain particularly doesn’t like that Senator Cruz refuses to play his brand of Kumbaya politics that have given the country’s citizens the financial shaft since prior to and for the time McCain has been in office.  Cruz just will not budge on gun control or the appointment of a conference relating to the budget without addressing the debt ceiling.  Here is one exchange highlighted by Hot Air that caught my attention:

“Let’s put some confidence in if not in the conferees appointed here, but in the conferees who will be appointed on the other side of the Capitol, who are of our party, who are fiscal conservatives just like we are,” McCain said on the Senate floor. “Instead of blocking, what I assure my colleagues — all three of them here, that is a minority of the minority of Republicans in the United States Senate — that [a majority] want to move forward with a budget which we spent so many hours and so much effort in achieving.”

Senator McCain is no fiscal conservative except when it comes to managing his personal wealth.  The problem is, whatever budget that does come out is going to add to the debt, put America deeper in the hole and one step closer to ultimately, national insolvency.   Once the nation becomes insolvent, the currency crashes, and everyone loses their wealth except those who very few whom hoard gold, real estate, and food.  It’s no wonder that Senator Cruz along with Senators Paul and Lee don’t trust the GOP establishment cronies.

So back to the topic at hand.  Bottom line, this is a bad immigration bill coming out in the Senate and shouldn’t even be given a vote.  Whether these GOP establishment Senators are being stupid or criminally complicit, if this gets passed in the Senate, it will potentially put the GOP control of the House in jeopardy.  How?  If GOP House congressmen along with a predictably unanimous Democratic voting bloc push this thing through, the GOP base doesn’t show up and they get creamed just like they did in 2006 and Obama once more has majorities in the House and Senate.  Goodbye investigations into Benghazi, the IRS, DOJ seizure of AP, Fox, and other journalist records,  more using the IRS as an arm to get around Citizens United to harass conservative groups, etc.  If they don’t let it go through, they retain the House, Obama rails that the GOP is the anti-Hispanic party, investigations go on, winning the Senate is still up in the air, and we have a very deep, qualified bench to get ready for the 2016 presidential contest.  This is an easy decision.

Go ahead Senator Cruz, make Senator McCain completely lose it, yet by doing so you’ll become more formidable and powerful figure in the Senate body at the very least.  The sky would be the limit for you.


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