In a rare move, some American moslems actually ratted out those 5 jihad moslems at their “going away” party before going overseas to become AQ terrorists.
This is what a real religion (not cult) does. This is what needs to be done worldwide when these sicko moslems plan mass murder.
There is no such thing as mass murder of innocents in the name of any legit religion. Like Germans opposing nazis, its the MORAL AND RIGHT thing to do! Their is no “war against islam”…there is a war against mass murderers who happen to be moslems most all of the time.
Now revise the koran slightly to remove those radical calls for violence against infidels (innocents too) and the entire planet can have a lot more real peace after decades of mass murder by moslems.
Oh yeah, also replace those hateful jihad preachers. Hate is not a moral value.
Thanks for at least a start on the road to sanity by American moslems.