THE GRACE COMMISSION submitted their report to Reagan in 1984.
The panel back when was NOT paid political hacks and has beens used to propose new taxes (without direct Obama fingerprints).
The Heritage Foundation on the 2010 group: “The commission itself is fatally flawed since: 1) its recommendations are not guaranteed a vote in Congress; 2) its recommendations will be considered by a lame duck Congress; 3) there is no indication the commission will take any input from public hearings”.
The panel back when was led by a successful businessman Peter Grace who worked for a dollar a year.
The only things in common between the 1982 and 2010 groups was both were formed because congress suxed.
As I recall, over 200 recommendations were enacted but many others were rejected by the royal congress.
The sad part is the royal congress has no panel or system themselves…just distortions and contortions to over spend (vote buy).
Here is the link. Look at the size of the numbers compared to those of 2010.