I was watching FNC about 7:40am CST this morning (May 12) and the fake soldier fake Catholic Senator John Kerry D-Mass. was asked a few questions about legislation. The delusional Kerry, with bold confidence, proclaimed the “Energy and Jobs Bill” (aka Cap-n-Tax) was actually the following: good for America, a saver of money for 40% of Americans, a small cost to the other 60% of Americans and a creator of tens of thousands of jobs (non-gov-meant?). Okay, stop laughing and start crying.
How many times have the national democrats (aka secular socialists) been correct (or truthful) about their huge expensive bills?
Well, name just two that have not quickly ballooned 300-900% and are not an issue now as far as real benefits. When will voters learn?
Perhaps the control freak democrats will again refuse to let the voters see the bill and the lobotomized lib-media won’t read it either but just “repeat instead of report”. When your electric bill soars, its “your bad” for believing known serial liars. This is just another ugly expensive example despite the thousands of environmental laws already on the books.
The toxic policies of democrats can only be sold by distractions, lies and smears. Here we go again.