I took years to formulate these but if you accept them as “the skeleton key of politics”…
the daily insanity we must endure suddenly makes sense.

My Ultimate Laws explain WHY national democrats do what they do and conversely WHY we have so much trouble understanding their fantasy statements.
>>> An analogy: its like “selling fire to a scare crow” for democrats…(fire = secular socialism, scare crow = Americans)…
you can’t ever be completely honest with the scarecrow about the true nature of fire <<<

LAW 1:
ALLl the national democrats have are distractions, lies and smears to promote or protect their toxic secular socialist policies.
(toxic policies require these predictable tactics so they NATURALLY MUST use them daily…they have no choice)

LAW 2:
The national democrats (aka SECULAR socialists) have NO ethical or moral boundaries.
(hence you should NEVER be shocked by what they NATURALLY MUST say or do…they have no choice)
(Please share these far and wide…these are my political behavioral laws which explain so very much.