Feel that breeze of truth? Feel that fearless current of facts? Feel that deep understanding of a HIGH achiever?

Any potential candidate that says “rich countries should at least pay fuel costs when we go help them militarily” I
instantly like.
Anyone saying “a real 25% tariff threat will bring China in line” I like.
Anyone saying “the tax code is way too complicated” I like.
Anyone that says “we stay in Iraq and keep the oil to at least the $1.5 trillion we spent” I like.
Anyone that rattles off real-world experiences instead of utopian fantasies I like.
Anyone without a history of political office I like, at least initially out of instinct.
Anyone asserting America should be a bold leader I like.
Anyone willing to say he will stop Iran from having a nuclear bomb I like.

Keep in mind we have Bozo the OzBama leading our nation now so I am more easily impressed these days.