My posted comment today:

Thou has said it! It amazes me that the GOP has no Rapid Response team, no weekly “talking points”…

no constant articulation of their core principles…to wit…smaller more efficient gov-meant, lower taxes and family values….

Why have we not heard from EVERY Repub this year…”Obama’s recession”, “Obamas gas prices”, Obama’s new taxes”, “Obama’s debt” and Obama’s shutdown”?  We should be hearing these daily!   That is articulation of the TRUTH.

The arrogant apostles of secular socialism (aka democrats) are masters of the deceptive phrase or talking point…yes, this gets thru to many…especially the millions of “low info” voters.

The apostles of socialism all over the globe for generations have used the same 4 tactics… the bold lie, the smear, the demon and the fantasy promise. If I know this, why do all of these GOPers with ivy league degrees not a least realize it by now?

We have not had a brave blunt truth teller since Newt.  Why is only Ann Coulter using the “L” word when the democrats boldly lie?  No guts?  What is it in year 5 of utopia, LOL?

Why can’t the GOP simply state what conservatism is?…that is key to repelling the toxic labels by the democrat smear merchants.

Being on defense 95% of the time is for losers. Notice how ballistic the reaction is when that rare firm truth phrase is used?

The apostles of socialism have two enemies, time and reality. Its way past time to bring out the reality card. Way past. Cupcake GOPers versus the no boundaries thug socialist borg and their vile pawn media is and ugly match w/o this change…NOW.                  I am       theconservativecrawfish.