The left should thank God every day for Timothy McVeigh, because, otherwise, it would have NO supposed counter to socialist and Muslim terrorism.

On the other hand, McVeigh actually came from a family of Democrats. His father was registered with the Democratic Party and was a union member. His mother evidently saw “Kramer v Kramer” and packed her feminist bags to never see her son again. Now, there is true lefty liberation.

The “Christian militia” flap from a couple weeks ago was portrayed as the new “right-wing conservative” menace, especially as Democratic Congressmen were claiming death threats by the score from passing the in-aptly named Patient Protection and Affordable Care bill, UNTIL the Huteree  militia members turned out to be registered Dems. or unaffiliated with any pol. party. Jacob J. Ward voted in 2004 and 2008, according to the blog, Rightly Concerned.

Famously, or infamously, the lefty Duke U faculty took out a page of advertising to condemn its own Lacrosse team a few years ago, after a black female entertainer (stripper) alleged rape against three team members. The young men were not only exonerated, after lengthy prosecution, but also the prosecutor was reprimanded for misusing his office’ powers. The faculty did not take out another ad and apologize.

Columbia U’s minority professor Madonna Constantine made headlines claiming a noose had been hung on the doorknob of her office and a vigorous search was instituted by the FBI, the AG for NY State, and the NYC police for the bigot who did this terrible thing—all for a waste of time and energy—because Constantine placed the rope there herself. Meanwhile, professors and students at Columbia made more headlines by claiming they had also been “victims” of such horrors. And then, Constantine was fired for plagiarism. Do I hear echoes of Joe Biden?

On other “right-wing conspiracy” fronts, no one has met Breitbart’s challenge to show pictures or videos of the alleged racial tauntings of the n-word and or spitting at black Congressman on the day DC sold out the public with “health care” reform.  Now, Representative Heath Schuler denies on Yahoo News that he had slurs or pejoratives from the mostly tea-party anti-Obamanationcare crowd. And yet, in the Wall Street Journal, Juan Williams perpetuated the slur against the tea parties in an Op Ed piece, even after protestations of lack of proof of such bigotry against Congress.

“Kill him!” (presumably Obama) was reportedly yelled at a Palin rally in 2008, although the Secret Service never heard the terroristic threat nor found any basis for believing it was shouted. The Times-Tribune in Scranton, PA, eventually recanted its article, but the “factoid” is now part of international news that racists supported McCain-Palin.

Fairly recently, a Democratic headquarters building in Denver had $11,000 in windows broken, an act immediately laid at the feet of Republicans. But the perp turned out to be a former worker at the headquarters, and a self-proclaimed anarchist with SEIU ties.

Many frightened Democratic representatives at townhalls in the summer of 2009 alleged they had received death threats from constituents they had no idea were even in their voting district. They had likely never met any except lobbyists. None proved valid, just as the threats against Pelosi and Reid, all claimed after the health care debacle, proved groundless, but the shot fired at Congressman Cantor—accompanied by threats against him and his family—was downplayed, as he is Republican.

Human Events has cited Fox, HufPo, and the usual suspects as organizations who blamed the death of Bill Sparkman of Kentucky, a census worker, on the right because the corpse had “Fed” written on his chess. The less political and more rational answer was the man committed suicide, but wanted to concoct a hate crime for insurance purpose.

Thus, all the “right-wing conspiracy/hatred” blather has been nothing but soap suds with a dab of McVeigh; whereas, leftist terror (Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro) and leftist jihad (Muslim terrorism) have been very real, repetitious, and relentless.

This constant blaming of Republicans and the right for supposed racial and hate crimes against Democrats and liberals, particularly minorities, is just the script or narrative academics have been pushing since teaching actual skills and content were tossed out of academia in favor of partisanship and propaganda. Their failure shows up in students’ believing Lincoln was a Democrat, Republicans populated the South during the Civil War, and the right somehow started (and perpetuate) the KKK.

When the corrupted press thinks they have a story that fits the preconceived party line, they run with it. And most of the time, when the corrections come, they are too late or too little noted for the public to be aware.

As with photos and videos at tea parties, we should also be ultra-vigilant in not letting CBS or The New York Times or any other venue get away with hyping their latest hate crime delusion—not only because the facts are wrong and people are slandered–but because we also want to blunt the racialist weapon of choice by the opposition, since it still has a bite, if not quite so lingering a sting.