According to a Washington Times editorial April 1, Obamanationcare institutes a month “charge” for long-term health care of $150/$250 a month in 2011 (unless you opt out). If you remember, 2011 is also the year the Bush tax cuts elapse and, according to the Wall Street Journal, could cost a family of 4 making $75,000, up to $2500 a year.

Let’s see, $250 a month is $3000 a year and add $2500, so a “lower” middle class family might be hit with another $5500 in annual taxes that little o PROMISED would never fall on anyone earning less than $250,000 a year.

In the original House bill last summer, the cost of Medicare for retirees was moved from $96 a month to $280. I don’t know if the “long-term” charge is added to Medicare.

Additionally, there is no “lock box” for the $150-$250 for “long-term at-home health care,” as there was once for Social Security (which Johnson took and added to general revenues in 1968); ergo, it’s really just another (up to) $3000 a month for Congress to spend BEFORE the new program even starts in 2013.