I have written about how every year the Law and Orders, Cold Case, Criminal  Minds, yadda, television staples, find right-wing, gun-nut, 2nd-Amendment toting, Bible-hugging, bomb-making, Nazi-spouting terrorists running loose all over NYC, Phila., and your home town. So, right now, one of these banes of society just became the corpse of the question of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (the Vegas version).

It’s not bad enough that Las Vegas has a 13.2% unemployment rate and one of the worst housing crashes in a nation of housing collapse, let along Harry Reid representing them,  but now it also has white supremacist, fight clubbing, school play rehearsal crashing teenagers infesting fictional Vegas schools.

Clinton has just been giving us his insight into the Timothy McVeigh right-wing conspiracy terrorist horror types (often generated by talk radio and tea partiers) and the next week CSI has one of them featured in the script. Was Clinton clairvoyant?  Or, are we in for a rash of the-Nazis-among-us drivel from now until 2012?