Ron Paul proves me right once again. Ron Paul and his campaign of idiots are trying stack the straw poll. Ron Paul and is undermining supporters of LIBERAL college students that would never vote for him on election day are good for only thing stacking straw polls and text voting. Where was Ron’s support in the Republican primary not existent. Paul supporters are like Lyndon Larouche supporters. They can only win straw polls with less than a thousand voters or internet and text votes where you can vote a couple hundred times. Ron Paul is fringe and has stack straw polls. Hopefully Ron Paul can continue doing his job undermining Republicans and Real Conservatives so we can have Obama for 8 years or longer if Jose Serrano has his way. Thanks Ron Paul for being a cancer and may you keep going nowhere and undermining Conservative on National Security!  The Ron Paul sideshow has to go! Ron Paul is ancient and is a terrible speaker with no charisma and mostly terrible ideas especially on National Security!