Last Saturday morning, Poland lost its President, major government leaders, and major military leaders in a plane crash in Russia. I ask that God would comfort the living family members and allow them to become His. It has been confirmed that the Russian Military tried to persuade the pilot of the plane to change his course due to low visibility. The plane was taking Poland’s leaders to a ceremony to remember their slaughtered country men in the Polish massacre in1939. The pilot refused to change his course, which is natural because of the safety of the Polish President. The plane trying to land, eventually crash and all passengers and crew died at 3am ET. With all the advances of technology, why did it take six and a half hours for the major news networks to share the horrible event 9:45am ET? Why didn’t the White House make a statement until shortly after 10am ET? British Prime Minister Gordon Brown had released a statement. French President NIcholas Sarkozy had released a statement. Obama did not make a statement. So, what was he doing that was so special that he could not address our ally’s loss? Why was there a time delay across the world? Some say this is no big deal. Some say let Poland deal with its own issues. Some people don’t even know what’s going on. Let’s review some facts and History.
1. The President of Poland just died. That is an emergency considering the country’s loss of their leader.
2. In the current state of any nation’s security, we must assume the worst and make preparations.
3. I am not making any accusations, but we should keep a close eye on Russia and Poland. During the early stages of WWII, Germany was rising to power. Russia was rising to power. The U.S. wanted no part in making war with those dangerous countries. Instead the U.S. tried to befriend them. Then, in 1939 Poland was attacked and invaded. 71 years later we are witnessing a repeat of History. Russia, under Putin is restored to power. Germany is hording arms, which violates the treaty signed at the end of WWII. The U.S does not wish to make war or even question these countries. We are befriending and indebting ourselves to them.
“Those who cannot learn from History are doomed to repeat it.” George Santayana