Let us start reasoning together…

Although we are railing against the radical  left, socialist thoughts of “free” abortion for all, how did this come about?

America forgot to think of the BILLIONS of DOLLARS it would cost to murder those FIFTY EIGHT MILLION BABIES this year,  we also did not think of how much the cost of murdering those fifty eight million children .(are my figures correct? I did a cost analysis on JOINTHETEAPARTY.NET last year)

We also did not think ; America who’s sin it is? Yes the White house occupier DID create the largest abortion mill in Houston Tx in the world as his FIRST signing.  That makes him responsible too; America is responsible for voting for those abortions. We elect the abortionists!

People calling our selves Christians are responsible for those abortions too; we elected the representatives.

We need to start reminding each other about the votes cast for abortion.

How can the people say they are Christians; then vote for Barak ?

Most black people are Baptists, Church of God, etc they elected him! They vote DEMOCRAT!

This letter is not racist; it is FACT!