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The lunatic fringe is off their collective rocker and that makes this a good morning.  We’ve got a man making George Soros funded appearances across the state attacking Cliff Taylor, again, while making excuses for what is shaping up (assuming we do our jobs) to be a serious rout of his opponent while over in what should be a hyper-competitive 9th Congressional district liberals have three choices on the ballot… and might find establishment Democrat Gary Peters the least attractive of the lot!

The Associated pressreports on yesterday’s MI:9 Congressional debate:

The candidates answers differed on taxes, with Knollenberg opposing increases.”The worst thing in the world we can do is raise taxes,” he said. “Taxes are, in fact, going to drive Michigan people nuts. You cannot tax yourself into prosperity. You have to control the revenue. The government must spend less if we are going to get out of this thing.”

The country’s middle class should be the recipients of tax cuts, said Peters who hesitated when asked about supporting higher taxes for the well off.

“This is about fair taxes,” he said later. “Right now, it isn’t fair for the middle class.”


Also on the stage were a Green Party candidate AND Dr. Death himself, Jack Kevorkian.  In an interesting twist, the convicted murderer joined the Nader clone in calling for an immediate withdrawl of our troops, without even looking “for a reason.”

Peters played the now familiar Obama line of demanding that the troops come home in an attempt to pacify the “progressive” friends and allies he needs to help him turn out the vote on November 4th but then backing off and suggesting we not do anything too hastily.

That’s often a solid play.  Take a look at Barack’s metamorphosis.  During the primaries, there was a race to the left, quickly and far away from any semblance of sanity.  That’s how you win the votes of 21st century Democrats.  After dispatching Hillary Clinton by promising a near immediate withdrawal of forces he changed positions on a dime and isn’t quite as eager to bring our soldiers home.  That’s how you win the votes of sliiiiightly more balanced “moderates.”

Problem for Peters, he hasn’t dispatched the other loony liberals.

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He’s got two of them offering the kook fringe, your average, run of the mill Ingham and Oakland County Democrats for instance, the chance to vote for someone who is firmly in line with their political philosophy.  Read: Kookism.

Normally a candidate could overcome a one point drop from a third party candidate.  A two point drop in a highly competitive district is twice as tough.  This year?  It isn’t inconceivable that Peters could lose three or four points to the Greenie and the mass murderer on name identification alone, nevermind the fact he continues to spit in the eyes of moderate Oakland County taxpayers and lefty nut jobs.

And speaking of lefty nut jobs, we hear again today from one Brian “Nut Job” Dickerson in today’s Ivory Tower.  He’s back on his hobby horse again, doing his best to disparage Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Cliff Taylor.  This time he contributes evenhanded, nonbiased, nonpartisan paragraphs like this to the broader discourse:

He’s a partisan Republican in a state that’s turning bluer by the second, and he owes his political career to the same insurance and banking industries that brought you the worldwide financial meltdown…To understand why the insurance companies and deep-pocket defendants who bankrolled Taylor’s ascendency have such sublime confidence in his re-election, you have to know a little bit about the cockamamy way our state selects state Supreme Court justices.


This is the same NJ Dickersonwho is making appearances at forums across the state, bashing Cliff Taylor on George Soros‘s dime.  Yes, he’s officially a George Soros hack.  Writing for the Detroit Free Press.  Pretending to be a serious journalist.  No, wait, I’m sorry… he’s a “columnist.”  That’s like being a liberal blogger except you get printed in the state’s big lefty newspaper and you get paid big bucks for it.

Oh, and Brian, hate to be the guy to break it to you, but Diane Hathaway, Taylor’s opponent has received political donations in her time too, and she’s been the beneficiary of promised millions over the next two and a half weeks.  But instead of your `evil’ industries her cash has come via what are effectively compulsory union dues, ambulance chasing millionaire trial lawyers and a man Mike Hart might call your own sugar daddy’s “little brother.”  It’s been widely reported that John Stryker promised Mark Brewer as much as $10 million in soft money just to knock off Cliff Taylor this year.

But Hathaway’s a Democrat.  So she’s entitled, or something, right?