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Gosh darn it.  Why can’t I talk about the important issues?  We’re now under two weeks to go before folks head to the polls here in Michigan to elect 110 members of the state House, fifteen members of Congress, a US Senator, a Supreme Court Justice, decide on a couple of ballot proposals and pretty much select the leaders who will have to guide us through one of the toughest economic spots we’ve been in for some time.

Oh yeah, and there’s a Presidential election too.  But no, I can’t talk about that, can I?

I can’t talk about the ridiculousness of the idea that we, fair readers, may be asked to pay for the GM / Chrysler merger.  You read that right, the Associated Press is reporting a conversation with an “insider” that indicates the companies may grovel at Big Government’s feet.  Hey, they just dumped $700 billion on Wall Street… why not a few extra bucks on Detroit?

Talks toward General Motors Corp.’s possible acquisition of Chrysler LLC may involve going to Congress for cash, according to a person involved in the financing discussions. The person, who asked not to be identified because the talks are private, said he was unsure if the government has been approached yet.

Nevermind that the original bailout monstrosity was designed to save and create jobs.  We can argue all day over whether or not it will succeed but at least this particular hell bound road we travel is paved with good intentions.  Now the big autos want to send us on a dirt-road shortcut?  Let’s remember, folks, that this merger is expected to KILL as many as 192,000 jobs, most of them right here in Michigan!

But it doesn’t matter.  I can’t talk about that this morning.  As much as I’d like to, I can’t discuss the new Mayor of Detroit’s legal problems either.  Yep, the man who recently appeared at that big Barack Obama rally in Detroit, Mr. Ken Cockrel.  Who’d have figured, he’s in trouble with 5-0 too.  The Detroit News reports that the man is facing $42,000 in campaign finance fees for failing to disclose his financial backers in a timely manner.  God bless campaign finance reform, right Ken?

Read on…

Is it really that hard to find a mayor in Detroit with a clean record?  Remember, Cockrel was the white knight for a couple of years there.  He was the man standing up to the poor, unbalanced woman currently heading up the Detroit City Council.  What did her senile husband / sitting Congressman John Conyers accidentally call her at that Obama rally?  Martha?  Maude?  Madge?  It wasn’t Monica.  Neither here nor there.

Cockrel was the guy she picked on in meetings.  The guy she called Shrek.  Cockrel was the guy taking on Kwame Kilpatrick and helping lead the charge to give the man the boot.  And now Ken Cockrel’s in trouble with Johnny Law?  Pay your fines, Ken.  Please!

Geez, it’d be great to talk about that.  Democratic leadership is really crushing the motor city.  But no.  

What am I supposed to do when I learn the exact same day that Snoop Dogg’s nephew, (formerly Lil’) Bow Wow is coming to Detroit, TODAY, on a “non-partisan” voter registration tour!  Yeah, no, you’re reading that right.  Check out the Ivory Tower if you don’t believe me.  

Bow Wow is going to give a concert to encourage young people to get involved in the process so that they don’t repeat the same goof they made when they went to the polls in 2004.  He doesn’t like the way that election turned out and told MTV that “now we’ve got a second chance to correct that mistake.”

So he brings his “Voter Registration” tour to Wayne State University today.  October 22nd, 2008, for those of you not in front of a calendar.  And no, you’re not losing your minds.  The deadline to register here in Michigan passed more than two weeks ago.

Sixteen days too late, Mr. Wow.  Tell you what… come back in four years… or, well, three years and 49 weeks.  Then you’ll have a “second chance to correct that mistake.”  

Best part is, he’ll probably win a Moon Man for “Best Use of Celebrity to Change the World” at next year’s big awards ceremony.  Ah, the voice of the next generation.

Now can someone tell me, what’s the deal with people in Detroit missing important deadlines?