The extreme left now has unfettered control of all four branches of our government. Yes, I said four. They control the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches. The judicial branch might take awhile, but it is likely that the next president will appoint two or three Supreme Court Justices. These are lifetime appointments, but their decisions last much longer—often forever. And the fourth branch? The left already controls the press.

In a time long ago and a land far away …no, wait, that was America and it wasn’t so long ago that I can’t remember … the press used to do something we called investigating. Journalists saw themselves as representatives of the workingman, the everyday voter who was too busy making a living to delve deeply into the backgrounds, beliefs and characters of folks who sought public office. We depended on the media to ask something we used to call probing questions. And reporters (sometimes known as journalists) asked these questions to the candidates’ faces—in public. They shined a light on these power-seekers so that we could see for ourselves what they were made of. Are those good old days gone forever?

Journalists used to be smart, too. Right up there with doctors and lawyers (that’s another bedtime story). Now, some are embarrassingly uninformed and seem unable to grasp the simplest facts. Reporters can’t be expected to know everything, but for heaven’s sake, do some research. A good CPA with a cheap calculator can tell you that Obama’s tax and spending plans are nonsensical. I am not talking policy differences, just basic math. They are ludicrous. That is why they keep changing them all the time, thinking nobody can hit a moving target. Now that he is elected, they are gone from his website.

Even if you are in Obama’s aquarium, stop dog paddling for a while and show some guts. Find some old radio broadcasts or grainy television tapes that show what journalists used to do. They reported facts and kept their opinions to themselves. Look up integrity in the dictionary. They don’t teach it much anymore. In that time long ago, it was synonymous with the great journalists. Voters have a need and a right to know. Sure, I like to hear opinions, just not disguised as news. Folks still want to be told the truth when they watch the evening news. As Joe Friday used to say, “The facts, Ma’am, just the facts”.

Because of the media’s lack of journalistic integrity, the average voter in America knows more about Sarah Palin and her family than he needs or wants to know, including lots of things that are not true. John McCain has been sliced and diced. Barack Hussein Obama should have been the mother lode for an unbiased media, but he remains un-vetted. Only those who turn to sources other than television and most newspapers know enough about the beliefs, background, character, judgment and qualifications of the man who is to be our next commander-in-chief. The only light that has shone on Barack Hussein Obama is the light from his halo.

So why did media not vet him? Why did they not ask any tough questions of this man? Even comedians took a hands-off approach. For ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN, of course, this is to be expected. But where was Fox? Obama has openly ridiculed Fox for years, yet they carefully avoided criticizing him. I got a hint that something was amiss with Fox when Obama made the hurried trip to Washington to support the TARP bill. While in town, he deigned to grace Fox News Special Report with his holy presence. Although Brit Hume seemed surprised, the interview seemed choreographed to Obama’s advantage, right down to the continuous close-up of him coming into our living rooms. Respect is fine, of course, but this was reverential deference and there were no tough questions. Brit never referred to him as Senator, only as Sir. I expected bowing and scraping to commence.

Another troubling sign was the much-ballyhooed probing analysis of Obama from Sean Hannity. When I tuned in, I was shocked to see most of the program taken up by two Democrat hacks prattling away with party-line talking points. Probing analysis? Not. Was Sean reined in?

Neil Cavuto and his Your World program usually has a good, incisive commentary at the end of his hour, but his guests run three to one liberal. (I keep count). Then there is that brave soul, John Gibson. He has incisive, on-the-mark, in-your-face reports about real and controversial issues. His reward? He has been relegated to a couple of minutes at the end of the show he used to host on TV. He is now on satellite radio.

But that is not the worst of it. Media did not stop at biased reporting, they attacked anyone else who questioned their candidate. As a conservative, I feel overwhelmed and outnumbered, lied to, and harassed. The very folks who frequently hide behind the first amendment trampled on my first amendment rights. If you cannot do a good job of reporting, stop shouting down those who want to.

A Florida TV reporter had the audacity to ask Joe Biden about how Obama’s wealth redistribution plan differed from the principles of Karl Marx and Socialism. Biden was so surprised and flummoxed that he ended the interview with a great burst of indignity. He must have had a senior moment and forgot to shout racism. Obama quickly punished the station with a news blackout from the campaign. We do not know what else may have been threatened from an Obama presidency because was no investigative reporter to follow up. Was that a proper question? His economic plans are clearly Socialist. Also, why not go to the source, Obama himself, and ask? He says in his book and that he chose his friends carefully and tried to hang around with Marxist Professors during his college days.

Wisconsin representative Michele Balkmann had the temerity to question whether the man at the top of the Democrat ticket was pro-American or un-American (a plethora of information is available to confirm that this is a valid question). Her reward: attack by MSM and the Obama campaign and a quick infusion of two million into her opponent’s campaign chest.

We have just elected a person to the most powerful office in the world who has shown nothing but disdain for the principles upon which this country was founded. He is also arguably the most under-qualified person ever to seek the presidency. Obama should be crowned king in a coronation rather than sworn in as president in an inauguration ceremony. He has sent the unmistakable message that the presidency is his by right, by royalty, if you will (“We are The One”)—not by qualifications. Will his prodigy claim the throne when he dies? Will Obama ask for a suspension of the 22nd amendment so that he can serve until death? Outlandish, you say? Bloomberg just did something similar in New York.

On 9/11/01, would you have believed that a man could cruise through a four-year-run for the presidency without being asked any tough questions by the press? That we would not be allowed to use his middle name? That all tough questions or charges would be shouted down and identified as false rumors, distractions, partisan, divisive, desperate measures by a failed campaign, and most of all—racist. And all this by a man whose primary claim to power stems from his stated ability to unify us. Yet he has run the most divisive campaign in my lifetime.

Fox remains our only hope for television. The return of the Fairness Doctrine may destroy talk radio. Pick up the ball, Fox.

So who does ask probing questions directly to Obama? Not Hillary Clinton, not John McCain, and certainly not the press. Joe the Plumber, so far. And what did he get? Investigated. Sad and frightening.

Jim H. Ainsworth—former CPA, CFP, CLU, Registered Investment Advisor, Licensed Securities Principal, was twice named one of the most influential accountants in America by Accounting Today magazine. He welcomes comments at

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